Numa Numa

nu ma, nu ma iei

Gary Brolsma is the man behind the Numa Numa Dance. The song he dances to and lipsyncs is Dragostea din tei by O-Zone from Moldovan, Romania.

Gary discovered the song from, believe it or not, this animation right here: Maiyahi that features the "Dragostea din tei" song. In December 2004, Gary uploaded a Flash-encoded video of himself lipsyncing the song onto Newgrounds.

The Flash video is out of sync with the audio as the video nears its end. This is due to a mismatch between the Flash file's framerate and the video's framerate. I discovered that changing the Flash framerate to any multiple of the video's fixes the issue. I'm mentioning this odd bit of information incase other video artists want to encode their video into the Flash format.

Although the song has Romanian lyrics, it is very catchy, and many people recorded lip-synced videos of themselves or have even performed the song on video. Gary's video is not the first to feature this song, but it is the most well-known video that features this song.

Through 2005 and 2006, Albino Blacksheep had hundreds of lip-synced "Numa Numa Dance" parodies submitted. They were all turned down except "Numa Numa Death", and it is an official, but loose, policy on Albino Blacksheep that submissions are to avoid lipsyncing.

In 2006 Gary released "New Numa" onto YouTube featuring different music and with actual video editing. The video was commercially sponsored and was not as well received as Gary's original Numa video.