Star Wars Kid


The Star Wars Kid is Ghyslain Raza from Quebec. This Internet Celebrity is a little different than others, as he never intended for his video to be shown publically.

Raza recorded a video of himself using his school's video equiptment, apprently taping over footage of his school's basketball team (caught at the end of the video). In his video, Raza swings a golf ball retriever as if it were a double-sided lightsaber from Star Wars. Raza loses his balance many times, and records multiple retakes until he gets it right.

The owner of the video cassette tape found Raza's footage on the tape, and showed it to friends who then transferred it to PC to spread it on the Internet using Kazaa.

After millions of people had seen the video, it was revealed that Raza was embarrassed and never intended the video to be released. Raza's family filed a lawsuit against four students believed to be responsible for spreading the video onto the Internet, but the family later settled out of court.

The video also appeared online as an edited version with Star Wars special effects added in, and many parodies followed.