David "Elsewhere" Bernal

You got served!

Kollaboration is a Korean-American talent show, and at this event in 2001, David "Elsewhere" Bernal from Santa Ana, California performes a dance on stage to the song Expo 2000 by Kraftwerk. He wows the audience. One year later, a video of David Bernal's performance shows up on the Internet, crowining David an Internet video celebrity. His performances at Kollaboration 2003 and 2005 were also recorded and shared on the Internet.

David Bernal constantly has to make it known that he is not double-jointed, so stop asking!

David now dances in commercials for iPod, Pepsi, Heineken, 7-11 and many more. In the "Meet You There" commcercial for Heineken, David Bernal performs the part of every character's body. Editors paste the character's head onto his body.