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Piranhas of life

Nintendo knew what they opened themselves up to when they let the general public make their Super Mario levels.

2 min

I don't think Disney should bother protecting their copyright.


This sequel was originally on my Facebook or Twitter, but missed the main page. There's even an End of the World reference and a cameo by one of the great animators of ABS.

1.5 hours to go and I made kept my update promise.


I wanted to make daily updates, but it was paralyzing. How about new content every other day?

All TOFA 2015 entries

TOFA 2015 time graphic

Watch and comment on them all if you can. The winner has not been chosen yet.

A parellel universe:

A person from history in 2015:

An event that led to your existence:

Bracket 1

Bracket 2

Bracket 3

Bracket 4

What happens in the future?

If you want get more into TOFA, check out the TOFA site and join the Albino Blacksheep Facebook group. Be sure to see the descriptions for the events there that occured all summer.

This year was unique with every round directly relating to this Back to the Future inspired past/present/future concept. It also took inspiration from other existential time-based media like Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure [1989], The Man from Earth [2007], Rick and Morty, Clone High, Noah [2014], and even Family Guy.

Who knows what TOFA 2016 will be about? Have any ideas? Let me know.

A September update

So I'm thinking of doing the whole one viral video per day thing soon. I have been saving up a lot of content, but wanted to feature some of our loyal animators first who have been waiting a long time to have their work featured. Also, there's 3, and soon to be, 4 rounds of TOFA 2015 to feature all at once.

Magic Sword

If you are wondering where the updates have been, they are on the TOFA 2015 site. Here are some new non-TOFA files.

Put Some Poo is the latest in the Poo Girl Songs series.

If Turbo joined TOFA in time this year, he would be a great challenger to Koit.

Surn remade his Dungeon of Existential Surprise game. The old D.O.E.S. game is still up as Dungeon of Existential Surprise (Classic).


While working on his Round 2 entry for TOFA Koit created a new nightmare for me.

Animator friends ThePivotsXXD and KrEid participated in this great series. Watch in any order because randomness is back.

Almost forgot. The last episode of Stu-Boy and Piv-Boy Season 2. If you're on the Albino Blacksheep Facebook, you would have seen it last week.


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