Albino Blacksheep

Late April

This may have been the longest period between updates. Luckily Koit has been pumping out animations like crazy.

Everything is more captivating when you watch it hand drawn. You can check back to May of last year to see more of the same style.

April Fools

It was fun while it lasted. April Fools 2014.


I had no idea Koit would make a trilogy. First there was Found Some Poo then there was I've Done a Poo. Now it is...

In 2010, Mr.Fizzy made Warmonger of the Sacred Citizens about a house lifting off into space that peopled liked. Now here is...

Quick, before you are swamped with exams. Surn has created his first editable game.

For Tube Tuesday, here are two videos that will change your life.


Here is Part 2 of Namless 7 below. Don't forget Nameless 7 - Part 1 and the Namless 6 series.

Strange how a person that makes extremely mature cartoons will also make some for little children.

This first-world-problems example can show why sound is more important in a video than visuals.


A filler animated skit while we wait for Nameless 7 Part 2.

Please believe me when I tell you that the following video is too creepy to watch when you are alone, or watching at night.

This update was completely compatible with mobile.

You're a turtle

The sequel to Nameless 6 hinted at in Yotam's 22nd Birthday.

Surn's latest game with a cast of funny-looking pixel zombie characters. Get to at least level 9.

Good news. Just2pale will be making a new season of Spider Powers funded by his KickStarter. Help him out with 21 days to go.

Chadsweb is heavily into this style now, X-faces, computer voices, and all.


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