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A few updates back I made reference to Don't Hug Me I'm Scared after Avid Lebon remarked how contestants were unfortunately using green a one of their three colours in Round 2.

I have been waiting to replace my old model.

I've been working on some Web ideas. It's not for ABS, but it is for clients of ABS, and I'm going to keep it limited (as my time is) to a maximum amount of clients, and then must deny people from the project. If you are interested in Albino Blacksheep making a perfect Web site for you, and especially if you are in the Toronto area, feel free to contact me.

For those who don't care about the above, updates on ABS are coming.

Only one word is spoken

Ladies and Gentlemen, the TOFA 2014 final round entries are here for your harsh comments and criticisms. Remember, the animators can only have one spoken word in their entry.

Game day

If Atari were not forced out of business and their games never had to change their style, I believe Surn would be their top game designer today.

You must check out all his games.


Just a little sketch in the style Turbo Assassin is known for.

You'll be getting a game posted soon in this one new file per day plan.

T minus 4

Here's the latest from ThePivotsXXD. If you are looking for his final round TOFA entry, you'll just have to catch it on the Albino Blacksheep TOFA site later this week. The only place to watch it. It will make its way here eventually.

Did I only promise only one file today? Consider that a bonus. What will tomorrow's update bring?

One new file per day

Today's file is the latest Lazy Writing series episode. As dark or not as dark as Desktop Stripper?

Until school begins I will post one new file per day. All part of my evil plan to have you coming back to Albino Blacksheep.

Multiple Endings

The theme for TOFA 2014 Round 3 is, "a story with one beginning, but multiple endings". This included a challenge to have three main characters, with two of opposite personalities. Almost stumped the semi-finalists, but you can see how they managed to pull through.

Personalities and Endings

While Koit was creating his Round 3 animation, he made another on the side with some cameo appearances.


An animation about one of my favourite games of all time.

With the amount of songs Koit puts out, you'd think he's the machine in this animation.

Double trouble

Yuck! Koit made a video about something even more gross than Butt Worms.

I knew WooleyWorld would be mad. Can you blame him? They took his name, man.

Green is not a creative colour

In Round 2 of TOFA 2014, animators had to make a "Not Safe For Work" themed animation, but at the same time it had to be safe for actually viewing at work. Plus, they were challeneged to only use three colour hues. Rate them all.


Tomorrow's the deadline for TOFA Round 2, but Surn managed to send his entry early (to be shown next update) and create a short game at the same time.

TheNoseMilk wanted to join ABS last year. Their "Flash" submission was this suspiciously small file that streamed video remotely with a bunch of ads that mimicked play buttons. I did not accept them. They returned this year to do things properly, and I'm really happy they are here.

Just a quick skit by Yotam Perel.

TOFA submissions will be flooding in for the next update.

We wait

While we wait for the TOFA 2014 Round 1 submissions to all arive, it's that time of year for Yotam Perel's annual birthday animation. Very personal content. I urge you to start watching from his 18th.

Kiotask goes retro with an issue he notices with Super Mario World.

University of Washington submissions

Students at the University of Washington have created games for Albino Blacksheep. Let's start out with 31 levels in Gravity Shift.

This zombie game builds up to basically design your levels. Turns out you can block zombies from chasing you with interior decorating ideas.

Your whole life has been leading up to this game. It includes Tetris blocks that you love, but you'll be using them in a whole new way.

This starts out as a typical left-right dodging game, but the levels become more creative.


An extremly elaborate parody by Andrew Kepple. Influenced by some Reddit drama.

Even without knowing DayZ, Grant Wooley's DayZ videos are great.



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