Albino Blacksheep

Can't miss a month

Here is the final round of TOFA 2016. The theme of this round was to depict The Internet in a comedy animation. Feel free to comment. It's a close call.

It's never been attempted

Worth watching the whole LazyWriting series.

Here are the "secret identity" entries for TOFA 2016.


You've captured how we feel perfectly, Yotam.

🍎 🍯

This is the third Afya file, but started as a new "of the Wasteland" series from .

Member '90s Nick? I member. He's another animation featuring him.

I'll make this easy for you. If you want to watch episodes 1-6 first, head over to this page from last Summer.

Doing nothing

Yotam's 25th

I wait all year for one of these. Yotam definitely put some extra thought into it this year.

University of Washington part 2

This is the game that kept me awake all night. I'm going to master it. Good thing it works on my phone.

I really like this one too. You play as yourself and your shadow.

Let me know if you need help with the turtles.

Great games all around from University of Washington students this year. Looking forward to next year's submissions. I should probably create a section on the website for this.

May Two Four

These games are made by students of the University of Washington, and I'm sure more from their classmates are on their way. Please leave comments to help them debug and improve.

I've been busy with clients so updates are scarce, but TOFA 2016 is just around the corner.

This isn't one of the U of W submissions, but it's not from 2004 either.


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