Albino Blacksheep

Lawyered 2

Here is the just-released Lazy Writting 13 which is the sequel to Lazy Writting 8.5 which is the preplacement, but not a sequel for Lazy Writting 8. Makes sense to me when it comes to the Lazy Writing series.

Away. Apart.

R. Wappin will always be the example I use to show how animation is more animated than real life.

The proper thing to do after watching Internet Story is to shut down your computer and walk away. Cancel your Internet the next day.

Free speech

A new video by the great and powerful R. Wappin. The next update will feature a new comedy by him.

Hope this isn't too out of place.


Don't get too exited. This is just a teaser for the sequel to Spy & Pyro, the 2010 ABS Valentine's Day animation. Come to this site on Valentine's Day 2015 and it should be complete.

Tommy Wimmer emailed in his Animutation right before the new year. I miss when animutations were a regular thing. Thank you for keeping the dream alive, Tommy.

You'll like this if you are a stupid little baby man. Thanks to Jake Jilg for the recommendation.


I will update 4 days in a row.

This is quite an elaborate Beatles parody animated by two ABS veterans.

Only Torontonians can relate, but I'm sure others can appreciate the video just as the world loved the former Toronto mayor.

This is not a cartoon, but is about an aspiring cartoon voice actor. Only when you see it in action, can you really appreciate the happiness that the sound of a cartoon voice brings to people.

More Holidays 2014

We'll start off this update with Yotam's latest.

A little early for this. Especially when big news happens every day.

Like the LazyBoy animation at the top, sometimes all you need for an animation idea is an audio recording that was never intended to be a cartoon. That's how animations like The Evil Strawberry came to be. Here's some new animated recordings.

I was pretty sure Koit's 2014 projects were complete, but he had one more in store.

Do you remember Jesse Jones? He made the classic ABS animation Forehead Shavecut. Then he got a real job or something, but he continues to draw.

Cookie Monster Tree

Holidays 2014

If you like Koit and all his characters this is the motherload.

Millions of people will be playing Smash Bros. over the holidays.

I made a whole update of the best PES stop-motion videos about 2 years ago. Submarine Sandwich is the latest.

Is this for real?

This is clickbait. Clearly obvious clickbait. So don't click it. It's what's wrong with the Internet today.

I should wrap up the year with a best-of list and some year-end animations. If you would like more Christmas animations, check out the December 2013 Archive. It's worth it.


I don't stop until I beat all Surn's fun games. Here's his latest.

If you want more pixelated fun, ryoshenron is working on an animated series. Both the music and animation will be 8-bit styled. This is just a teaser.

Jackbliss, as he often does, travels between the animation world and the real world. This time with original music.

An ode to ThePivotsXXD.

ThePivotsXXD wins TOFA 2014


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