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Work weekend

Today you can play an updated/expanded version of D.O.E.S. by Surn, and a new pixel game by Turbo. If you are doing "let's plays" of these, drop me a line.

Three more episodes of Stu-boy and Piv-boy. The final episode is already in the works.

The TOFA 2015 Round 1 entries were released last night, but I won't post it here yet. If you have been following Albino Blacksheep on Facebook like you should, you would see everything in real time. You can even watch the animators animating their work in progress.

Best weekend

Yotam's yearly birthday animation is here:

A new Koit song. You know what to expect.

Interesting fact. Stu-Boy and Piv-Boy is a series born from characters used in TOFA 2013. Jordan was disqualified from reusing his characters from a previous round, but came back for TOFA 2014 to win the grand prize.

University of Washington

The butts are burgers in this psychedelic rotoscoped version of Shake It Off.

Here are this year's University of Washington student games. As you continue to play, data helps fix the bugs in the games, so they need all of you to give these games-in-progress a chance.

Also check out last year's games from June 3, 2014. There are a couple gems.

TOFA 2015 starts... tomorrow?

Inbox goodies

All new files, from old members. Well, they are young, but they have been members for a while.

Calling all animators! TOFA 2015 is starts in a week or something, and stay tuned for more updates. Submissions come in waves and I'm far from shore.

Almost TOFA time

Koit's Poo Girl now has her own page.

To this day people still regularly quote Tiny Plaid Ninjas on the Internet. Here is the last and least-known episode.

A quote from ryoshenron:

Here's the latest Wal Disn masterpiece on NES-TV Video Cartridge. Check it out on your Nanotendo Entertainment System.

And another from Koit!

It's starting very soon. It's TOFA, The 9th Annual Albino Blacksheep Tournmanent of Flash Artists. It's happening on Facebook this year, so no need to have an ABS Forums account. There are three ways you can help.

  1. Join in the tournament and give it your best shot.
  2. and/or Recruit another animator to join the contest.
  3. and/or Contact me about donating to the animators in the contest. 100% of the money goes to the contestants.

I hope to see you at TOFA 2015. It'll be heavy!

P.S. Did you know this whole update works on your mobile device? Try browsing this site on your phone or tablet.

Burgers and Boring

More insight into the virgin dad from Yotam's Lazy Writing series. Very clever and worth watching.

WooleyWorld, who is not at all named after a Yoshi game, presents a Last Airbender parody. Perhaps this is technically a sequel to Sex Hair 1 and Sex Hair 2.

Ryoshenron is commiting to the pixelated style, and trying out some short Disney parodies in his own brand of humour.

It's here!

This gives a whole new meaning to watch video. When the Apple Watch arrives you'll be able to watch Albino Blacksheep videos and play games on your wrist. Complete with an OLED display and haptic touch feedback.

Apple had contacted Albino Blacksheep back in the Fall to help us get prepared for the watch's release. So far 653 Flash videos have been converted for the watch with many more expected by the watch's April 24th release date.

Browsing through the content couldn't be simpler. We've integrated voice commands. Just say a catchphrase from your favourite animation and it will begin playing. For example, "but I am le tired" will bring up The End of the World or "You're a stupid little baby man" will bring up The Evil Strawberry. Careful about someone saying the word badger, mushroom, or snake when your watch is on.

For those with the 18K gold Edition version of the watch, stating at $10,000, you'll have exclusive access to call or text any animator's personal contact number. The awesome thing about that is they'll be talking to you from their watch too since Apple is providing all our current animators with the Sports addition of the Apple Watch for free!

In the meantime, open on your iPhone's Safari browser and use an elastic band to keep the phone attached to your wrist.


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