Video Game Pianist / The Blindfolded Pianist

Da-da daa da-da daa daaaa

Martin Leung is the Video Game Pianist. Martin uses his talents to play music from video games. On the Internet, this is not a waste of talent. Martin was one of the first musicians online to spread videos of himself performing video game music. I can only think of one other early performance.

Martin is a rare Internet celebrity. He is a classically trained musician rather than someone who pracices lipsyncing in front of their webcam.

This fame of being simply a good piano player wasn't enough for Martin, so he created a new persona: The Blindfolded Pianist. He would play music blindfolded.

I am proud to say that Albino Blacksheep was the first site Martin contacted at this point. He asked me to host a video of himself playing the Super Mario Bros. theme while blindfolded. I am ashamed to say I had to politely reject the video due to technical restraints that Albino Blacksheep had with streaming large video files at the time. I directed him to ABS's friend-site, gprime to host the ten minute and thirty-seven second video.

Martin Leung's current project is Video Games Live where whole orchestras fill stadiums and halls to play music from video games.