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a scene from rtil's Gum Submit original files to Albino Blacksheep that you created.

You are submitting your content because you want your work published with Albino Blacksheep.

How to Submit?

Now you can send your content by E-mail. I will personally read your email message and then decide to screen your content, and assure that it follows the rules.

Rules and Guidelines

It is now a requirement that you place "" somewhere in the animation to indicate that is granted permission to publish the file. Something along the lines of "permission to be hosted by" with a link in the corner of the play screen is fine. A link with the logo is the best. A link with a sheep logo that you draw yourself is the bestest.

If you have a profile page on this site, the link should go to your page.

  1. Flash files should contain a preloader. You may use the ABS preloader or create your own.

  2. Use the correct tool for the job. Animations should be made in Flash and not in Windows Movie Maker or PowerPoint.

Getting your content accepted

  1. ABS prefers to showcase content from its forum members and personal contacts. Send me a personal email to say hi when you submit your work. I get a lot of mass emails sent out to "undisclosed recipients". I delete those emails.

  2. ABS prefers smaller file sizes. You should be familiar with optimizing your file. Not everyone has super-fast high-speed fibre-optic directly-wired Internet, okay?

  3. ABS wants you to add something along the lines of "Presented by" in the your credits or optionally use the ABS Preloader.

  4. ABS prefers you bleep your swearing so your content can be shown to more age groups. You don't have to, though.

  5. Let me know if you are submitting the first episode of a series. Tell me how sure you are that it will be a series.

  6. I've been getting a lot of submissions with a small or unnoticeable play button to confuse or encourage the user into clicking something else. The play button is essential! I have rejected many submissions that try to obscure the play button.

  7. ABS highly suggests that you use original or royalty-free music to avoid any DMCA complaints that may arise in the future. You would not want the terms of your animation publication to be contolled by a record company, would you?

  8. I am assuming that when you send me a file, that it is new and has not been posted anywhere. If not, please tell me where and when it has been posted anywhere. Albino Blacksheep likes to keep things original and new, so consider posting here first, and then maybe other places.

  9. If there need to be any limitations on Albino Blacksheep's publishing rights for your submitted content, please let me know. If there is an audio streaming bit-rate limitation by a music artist in your work, or if the work cannot be authorized on mobile, YouTube, or Internet Explorer 6. If there is a fatwah against you, bans on all your work in certain countries, or any other limitation.

Becoming a Featured author

As a featured author you'll have your own profile page, and all the content you have worked on here, even as a small contributer, links back to your profile page. As well, your co-authors' profile pages link back to you. I also have to visit you if you are in my city or I am in yours. It's the rule. Featured authors have their work viewed more than regular authors, plus it's really nice to get a page with nice things said about you and your best work featured up front.

I accept people to be featured authors who continuously submit their work to the site. You can become a featured author on your first submission if you send a collection of your past work.

Why should I send my file to you?

I don't have to convince people for those who know this site very well, but just incase, here's the pitch.

Firstly, Albino Blacksheep has millions of visitors, so you will get exposure. However, it is not uncommon for sites these days to have many visitors. It is sometimes a negative for artists, as their work gets lost in large sites. For submissions that are accepted onto Albino Blacksheep, such work is posted prominently on the main page of the site and sent out to all RSS subscribers. Albino Blacksheep hand-selects very few submissions, so your work is not overlooked by regular visitors compared to sites with automatic submissions.

When the content becomes older, it will be indexed into the correct categories on the site for long life. If enough submissions by the same author are accepted, the author can get a directory that features only their content.

Albino Blacksheep will host your content and place it on a human-readable simple URL without spyware or popup windows on the page. It's been our policy all decade.

On this site, it is encouraged that you include your name and blog's Web address in your media file. We do not watermark or crop your work. On ABS Forums you can get feedback on your work both before and after it is completed.

Albino Blacksheep is a tight and close community and all parties should appreciate including a new artist like yourself into the community. I will do what it takes to make your submission process a worry-free pleasant experience, and we are contantly improving in that regard.