ABS Chat


July 21, 2007: The chat has moved from the LCIRC network to the Rizon network due to connection issues. It is uncertain when these issues will be fixed, if ever. If you are unable to connect to LCIRC, feel free to join us at the new location.

You can connect to the chat with an IRC client, but if you don't have an IRC client, you can download one for free such as mIRC and then revisit this page, or connect through the Java Chat.

Help with Chat

On the IRC Chat option you will get a Page Cannot Be Displayed message if you do not already have an IRC program like mIRC or Trillian.

When you enter the chat, you must set your name or risk being kicked. Type this command to set your name is:

/nick YourNameHere

Make sure not to use spaces or special characters, and don't forget the slash.

The command to enter the channel (though clicking the IRC Chat will automatically set this for you):

/server irc.rizon.net
/join #albinoblacksheep

or simply

/server -m irc.rizon.net -j #albinoblacksheep

mIRC is free and still works after the deadline.