Chocolate Rain

**I move away from the mic to breathe in

Tay Zonday performs his original song Chocolate Rain on video. The lyrics imply that there is ignorance about current prejudice against people of chocolate colour. Tay has made an MP3 encoded version of his song avilable to the public, and it is being passed around the Internet, covered and remixed.

The video for Chocolate Rain is a live recording of the song, and Tay, for those of us not smart enough to figure it out, edits the video simply to add text letting us know that he steps away from the microphone to breathe in. His mouth is awkwardly stretched to the side in order to achieve the unique pronounciation of "Chaklit Rein". It is also awkward to many that this student is able to produce baritone vocals.

After Tay's second live performance ever, in which the audience clearly has no appreciation for good music, he reveals to Jimmy Kimmel, "that's my voice. It's real."