Fredryk Phox

Why don't I make a video of myself where I'm acting really stupid, crazy and retarted?

Fredryk Phox is a serious and very talented filmographer who also creates humourous experimental work on the side for the Internet. His real name is Matt (last name withheld), originally from Florida. He later moved to Ohio and voted for George W. Bush in the 2004 US Presidential election, probably just for the lulz.

Fredryk Phox originally shared his videos through LiveJournal, but has moved onto different communities including IRC and Myspace. Fredryk is known to make fun of the furry phenomenon, basically a group that has a fetish of people who dress as animals with human traits. Yet, Fredryk Phox portrays himself as a fox in his cartoons and comics in an ironic manner.

In 2004, Fredryk Phox created The Albino Blacksheep Video simply to get back at Eric Bauman for treating him like a monkey. Eric had refused to accept footage from Fredryk Phox that had other URLs or credits in it, and insisted Fredryk make numourous edits to his work, essentially dumbing it down and giving no props to those who work with Fredryk. In an AOL chat conversation, Fredryk expressed his concerns and asked for his previous footage to be removed from Eric Bauman's servers. This request went unfulfilled, and Eric insists that Albino Blacksheep is jealous of his riches, but has yet to come to the realization that people prefer credits of the original artists in videos rather than watermarks of those who pirate videos posted in every frame.

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