St. Patty's

drunk sheepy

I remimnded myself to remind you to select the Minty Fresh theme for St. Patrick's Day.

I'll post some new files soon. Enjoy some St. Patrick's Day classics.


Here is a followup song to Tom_FJM - Maybe One Day

Here are done date-themed animations pulled from TOFA (The Tournament of Flash Artists) through different years.

Some HTML5 conversions had to be redone. These should be clearer now.

I'm working on a new Webmaster section to replace the abandoned Webmaster section, and will expand it if there is some demand. It will include some tools people can use for their own Websites, and tools I have created and use for other sites I build. I'll release a few projects and judge the feedback. I'm rethinking the Download section as well to make it more about curated programs I use and recommend. This is compared to listing every program in a category like 17 Web Browsers.

Not ready

I posted The Evolution of Trust in 2017, but check out another game also by the same author. Best played on a computer.


It's been awhile since I added a new song, but I think this family-made submission fits.

This is an alternate version of the snowglobe. An old man was added.

Working on trhe 2003 archives, these videos have been recovered. More to come.