Run character How would you like it if someone made you run all the time? No, you wouldn't like that, would you? Stop keeping the water running!

Little known fact. A tomato was used in the making of this animation because an apple could not be found.

Avada Kedavra sceneWhen you combine The Lion King with Harry Potter.

"Weird Al" meets Weird R. Wappin for a mind-altering animated music video that will change how you see the world.

♫ And only one will survive. I wonder who it will be. This is the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny. ♫

Ant A song you won't want in your head, but listen to it anyways. Millions of innocent children have already.

Crying A song and music video bursting with a heavy stream of urination puns. This would make J.K. Rowling turn over in her grave. If she were dead, that is.


After the Halloween post Gerwin mentioned he had the perfect spooky submission. A mix of Barney the Dinosaur and Bernie Sanders.


Yotam almost didn't make a birthday song this year, but better delayed than skipped.


Plush 1 Plush 2 Plush 3 Plush 4

Oversize Sheepie Plush

$24.99 USD + Shipping

For a limited time only! Crowdfund this oversized sheepie plush.

Discount code: firezemissiles or FIREZEMISSILES for orders of 2 or more.

21 day campaign.

This is how children test the animojis.

A reboot series from roshenron.


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