How would you like it if someone made you run all the time? No, you wouldn't like that, would you? Stop keeping the water running!

Little known fact. A tomato was used in the making of this animation because an apple could not be found.

Avada Kedavra sceneWhen you combine The Lion King with Harry Potter.

"Weird Al" meets Weird R. Wappin for a mind-altering animated music video that will change how you see the world.

♫ And only one will survive. I wonder who it will be. This is the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny. ♫

Ant A song you won't want in your head, but listen to it anyways. Millions of innocent children have already.

Crying A song and music video bursting with a heavy stream of urination puns. This would make J.K. Rowling turn over in her grave. If she were dead, that is.

Moving Day

Bring yourself up to speed. You need to know about Yotam and Fantasia and Myax.

Heat Wave

The really good stuff isn't on YouTube:

In Secret

Yotam is busy in secret.

ryoshenron's new Disn movie is out in cartridges.

Not too too bad so far

ryoshenron's rebooted Boy and Robot continues:

This is the full 90 minute movie. Some 2D animation. Some 3D animation. Some live action. Some special effects.

Happy 2019

Jimmy Egeland knows how to do commercial work.

The Boy and Robot series is rebooted in a new 8-bit style. much darker. Different pace. But I'd like to see how it evolves.

I'm beta testing this game:


Happy Halloween

More from last year


A strange prequel to Boy and Robot. Worth watching the series first.

Old, old animations converted to HTML5.

What do you identify as?


Yotam's 27th Birthday is the 12th followup to Yotam's 15th Birthday.

Super Mario Atlas is the second followup to Mario: Back to the Start.

Games coming soon:


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