October 31 2009 Baby Gum Gums

Happy Halloween. There's some drama over at ABS Forums about some vote-cheating in the Halloween contest, but it has been sorted out and SaltyPeach is the true winner of the prize money.

If you're in the mood for a much larger collection of Halloween media, you can head over to the October 2008 archive.

Yes, I've redesigned the site once again. You'll need the latest version of whatever browser you are using (Firefox and Chrome are good choices). Hopefully you're not still using Internet Explorer, but it will work somewhat on Internet Explorer 8. It's so sad to see all those new Windows 7 computers in the store with only IE installed on them complete with toolbars and sidebars. At least Windows 7 may mean the death of IE6.

I last redesigned in March 2009 because I was unhappy with the original 2009 redesign. I pulled quite a few all-nighters to get this new skin up and running. I basically took the old border backgrounds I originally made in Pain Shop Pro and then opened them in Photoshop to apply some filters. I have never used Photoshop for the site design until now. Photoshop is easy! I decided this time to pay attention to detail and not leave the right-side incomplete.

Also, this was the perfect time to speed up the site by moving all the external JavaScripts to the footer. I may get rid of the Weather, Mini Horoscopes and Real-Time Earth and Moon Phase from the sidebar, but we'll see.

Feel free to create skins (only one person has figured this out) or even just backgrounds for this site, and I'll feature them (if they are good).

Now, the scariest animation of all time from this year's TOFA winner, Jimmy Egeland. Ooooooooh.

Thanks to masaKmaeda on Twitter for reminding me to post this Halloween Einstein Joke.

October 28 2009 Personal Hell

This Halloween, I gave the Flash Developer regulars of ABS Forums the theme of "personal Hell" for their Halloween animations. This concept seems to have been completely unknown to some younger animators, so the results are very strange in typical ABS fashion.

I've added the MP3 for The Device Has Been Modified that many were asking for. It's a free download and I highly recommend you add it to your personal music collection for purposes of variety.

October 26 2009 MP3 Music Monday: GLaDOS Badass

Patrick is back with a followup to The Device Has Been Modified, also with Portal music, and it's up for download on Music Monday. I think Patrick has improved greatly since Spring 2008.

October 25 2009 MP3 Music Monday on Sunday

I wanted to make sure everyone has their free copy of the music from the games Boomshine and Obechi.

Also download Ruptured.

As promised, I've added the Zombie Walk videos to the bottom of the image gallery here:

This may seem only funny to myself and other regulars of the Links/Submissions section of ABS Forums, but you may remember Mr.Fizzy's The Overwhelming Tales of Max animation from a few weeks ago. Well, one kid from the Forums wanted to know what it felt like to be treated as a real Flash animator, and basically screen-recorded the animation for his fans. This angered Mr.Fizzy and lead to a Hack Attack. My favourite part of the fake version is the accidental end credits.

Less than two days left for the "Personal Hell" Halloween submissions, and a few have come in already.

October 25 2009 Zombie Walk Toronto 2009

It was suggested by NitWitt, the ABS member that's currently taking my place in keeping the Facebook Fan page up to date, that I just update the homepage often rather than just waiting to pile a week's worth of content into one update. So here's the latest Genius Test.

I attended Zombie Walk Toronto 2009 not too many hours ago, disguised as the living. Thought I might share some pictures, and videos will be added too as soon as they finish uploading in a few hours. I'll update again within 48-hours to make it up to everyone.

October 15 2009 Obechi

Consider this the soon-to-be successful follow-up to Danny Miller's Boomshine. Danny is premiering the game on Albino Blacksheep! Consider yourself one of the first players.

This animation by Mr-Scriblam features music by RedMongoose.

I usually won't post a generic mass-promoted Flash game, but this author followed the rules, although the game is a bit buggy, so let it load completely before you press play.

October 8 2009 Should I blog?

People have been expecting a sequal to LazyBoy's contest entry of last year. (Spoiler: No wavey killers).

A seriously longer project by Mr.Fizzy, so each part is a piece of a holy trinity.

I went to see Zombieland the other day and noticed, "Directed by Ruben Fleischer" in the opening credits. The same Ruben Fleischer that submitted about 15 of his videos to this site back in 2002-2003. Small world. It's Ruben's first full-length movie, and I think he did a great job. Maaaaaybeee I'll do movie reviews on ABS. Hmmm?

I also want to mention this tiny Halloween Flash contest if anyone is interested. NitWitt is helping me organize it, and it's looking good. Unlike TOFA, you don't need a nomination to join. Just signup (for free) and submit any time before the deadline. As a member, you'll also get to vote for who you think should win, even if you don't make something.

Don't go, don't go. Markp0rter (who is too stressssed to have a directory made right now) introduced me to this great song and animation I'd like to share.

Okay, now go, and don't look at the rest of this site.


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