October 31 2008 Halloween 2008 Mega Update

October 25 2008 Growing update of Halloween Contest finalists

LazyBoy and Groovemastercox have their ABS Halloween contest submissions in a little early. Watch this space. [Updated.]

Nicol3's animation will be posted soon, but her animation has no title, which makes things a little difficult to post. I could make up a title, but I'll wait.

Stay tuned for the Halloween update to be posted on the night of the 31st.

October 17 2008 It's all in the details

Professor Fate's newest Flash series.

Professor Fate is a busy guy with many animation ideas up his sleeve. That's a good thing, but this gift comes with the downside of many unfinished projects and series. Here are some Flash series that have yet to progress past episode 1.

There will be a "Mindy 2". It's on Andrew's to-do list.

Perhaps, it is best Mikey chose to go out with a bang. In theory, this would make a great series, but just like time travel, the bing bang and other theories, the consequences are best left to the imagination rather than disastrous experimentation.

After 10 episodes of his famous Drawn Dream series, Tim felt it was best to try other things.

We have not seen the last of Metaldart.

Ryoshenron should have no trouble sticking to writing the Boy and Robot series.

Unfortunately, once you write the lyrics to something like The Llama Song, there is no escaping it. Not even in your new animations.

October 11 2008 Better than nothing

The Halloween Flash contest is taking place on absforums.com, and you can submit with no nomination required. This should keep everyone busy this month if school and work hasn't already consumed all traces of temperal overabunance.

Things are getting quite busy in the offline world, but I'm still considering "blogging" here to keep a faster update flow without feeling the necessity to post sub-par submissions. As long as everyone is okay with hearing about mundane day-to-day events.


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