Google Chrome

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In 2005, I had learnt that some Mozilla engineers were hired by Google, and had other information that led me to believe Google was going to make their own Web browser. I announced the "Gbrowser" on June 3, 2005.

In 2008 Google announced Google Chrome through an online comic book showing the engineering superiorities of their browser.

To sum it up, Google Chrome is specifically developed for application Web sites - Web sites with memory-intensive JavaScript tools (like its own gMail). Google Chrome interprets the scripts faster and that if a script were to crash or lag, it would not crash the whole browser.

Interface and usability features include a built-in homepage that lists screenshots of your most visited Web pages, a privacy filter to browse secretly called "Incognito Mode" and rearrangable tabs.

The Chromium rendering engine for the browser is based on the opensource Apple Webkit that the Safari browser uses, and Google has subsequently released their Chromium engine as opensource. The browser will therefore be extended and improved by Google's community in the long term.

Google is promoting their Chrome browser heavily, and it will likely become one of the top three Web browsers.

Note: As of the current version, Google Chrome has a bug in displaying some alpha-transparent PNG images, including on, but should be fixed in an updated version.