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June 17, 2008 marks the release of Firefox 3.0. The main reason to upgrade is that the increasing memory footprint issue from previous versions is now fixed. The new version matches the style of your operating system by default and easily directs you to your most viewed pages through the address bar. Version 3 has dozens more feautures and hundreds more upgrades listed in the browser's documentation.

Mozilla Firefox is a must-have browser. Either as a primary browser (as I highly recommend) or your first alternate browser. Due to its stability, scalability and support on all common platforms (unlike Internet Explorer which has stopped producing for Mac), Firefox is the standard for Web browsers. Firefox's recent high market share has forced Web developers to make certain their Web sites and programs work flawlessly on the browser.

If you are currently an Internet Explorer user know that Mozilla Firefox is a lightweight, high-speed open source Web Browser. Upgrading the browser is much easier. It's also reported to be faster and have better security.

Countless custom plugins and scripts called extensions are available for Firefox developed by the opensource community in an attempt to add every optional feature possible.