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First see the video that lead to Mr.Fizzy's need to go on a hack attack.

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Hack Attack by Mr.Fizzy

I've just gotten home from school. I get home, and automatically jump onto the computer. So, I went on the ABS Forums, and realized that Chad179 really screwed up the forums. I wanted to tell him off on AIM, but I suspected that he'd blocked me. I was going to sign onto my old AIM account, though I remembered something.

A couple months ago, an 11-year-old kid named Matt joined the ABS Fourms. He was a laughing stock, and everyone hated him. He made at least 15 accounts, and wouldn't stop posting his mediocre animations. He told a user named Roboduk3 his password, for a reason that I don't know. Well, hating him at the time, I did the logical thing. I asked Roboduk3 for the password.

We hacked his accounts, and posted fake posts, and we had our fun. But then we stopped, and didn't hack into anything of his for a while. But today, all of this changed. Well, instead of logging onto my old AIM account, I wondered if Matt's old password was still active. I tried to log onto his AIM account, MoochComedy, and what do you know, it worked. Then, I wondered, what if his YouTube account shared that same password? I signed onto his YouTube account, and it worked. How unexpected.

I was looking through his videos, and I noticed his recent video he posted on the ABS Forums wasn't posted on his YouTube account. I got curious and went back to the forums, and went to the page of his video. It was another one of his accounts. I was looking through it, and guess what I found. He reuploaded my Flash animation, The Overwhelming Tales of Max. But no, it wasn't just a reupload. He did a little voiceover work. He talked about how HE made the video and HE did the voices, which were really done by Cab00se53. I thought it was funny at first, but then I realized, he's actually taking credit for my work.

It's payback time.

I told all of this to Cab00se53, and Newbslayer, and they were just as mad as I was. We all teamed together and screwed up all of the content of his two accounts. We deleted his videos, and favorited homosexual videos, and basically everything we could to pay him back. Then, I realized that I had also hacked into his AIM account, in whom he had friends on. Boy oh boy, I was pumped. I messaged all of his friends telling them that he was homosexual. Newbslayer and Cab00se were busy changing passwords and sending messages.

Then, I realized that somebody was trying to sign onto Matt's AIM. It was Matt. I kept denying his access to sign in, until he gave up. Then, we tried to change the password of his main YouTube account, but it kept saying that the old password was incorrect, even though it was right. We were too late. Matt recovered his account. Though, he didn't recover his secondary account, ChooChooCarter. We were in full control of that one, since we changed the password.

I forgot to sign out of his AIM account, and guess who send him an IM? Matt. He made another account. How fun. He cursed at me, and used every bit of language in his tiny, 11-year-old mind. I told him he deserved it, and why. He still didn't buy it. Then, he said it was his father. I got a little worried. I told Cab00se, and he didn't really care that his dad was mad at us. I was still worried and signed off.

Then, I signed onto my main AIM account, and talked to him. He was extremely angry, and tried to tell me off. I actually convinced him that I didn't hack it. Then, Cab00se told him that it was all him, and he was the one that hacked the accounts. He bought it. He wasn't really mad at me, but he was furious with Cab00se. I asked him WHY he reuploaded my video with an awful, untrue voiceover, and he repied "I wanted to get you more views." I automatically knew it was complete BS, because he pointed out in the video that HE was the original creator. What an 11-year-old conartist. Actually, no. He's not a conartist, he's a little fetus child.

I told him that I hated him and I wanted him to die, which we all know was completely untrue, and this is the outcome:

tastypuppypie: so, all i wanted to say was, i hate you
tastypuppypie: and i hope you die
Moochey211: okay
Moochey211: bye!

Then, he signed off. He rushed to my YouTube page, and trolled my comment box with useless, immature comments that he thought were funny. I just deleted them.

Well, that's the end of this story, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it.


Cite: MoochComedy: Hack Attack by =MistuhFizzy

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