July 22 2010 non-TOFA Sequels

Speaking of sequels, yet another Spider Powers episode this month from Just2Pale.

Time Snail with 3D glasses. Besides Bear Gunner, Time Snail has been one of the most epic games. Ben Kling has released a sequel that's actually quite challenging.

A shoutout to ABS in the 4th episode of Larkmart.

If you like it, there's Larkmart episode 1, episode 2 and episode 3.

July 16 2010 TOFA Sequels

These are listed so you don't have to watch them in backwards order. The original is followed by the sequel, and as promised here's the super-famous Bob and the Apple.

Zeurel brought R. Wappin's original voice acting on to create and amazing sequel that's a story in of itself.

Another R. Wappin TOFA entry. This one inspired three sequels.

I think Darkshadow8181 has added another layer of creepiness to what Professor Fate started, but never finished.

Still Life Eternal is a jaw-dropping epic animation with an open ending. It was just asking to be sequeled, your honour.


Oponok does his thing with good dialogue.

Boinky33 gets very meta here to parody how sequels are made.

Molkman chose to make a sequel from one of this year's TOFA entries. Very daring.

Mr.Fizzy and Thundaboom are clearly best friends.

LazyBoy had to drop out of TOFA part way through in 2008, but submitted a drop-out animation. Due to a bad case of TOFA curse Elfman-Rox is forced to drop of, but does so in style with a sequel to LazyBoy's dropout animation.

After the judges rate all these animations this weekend, TOFA 2010 will be down to the final six animators.

July 14 2010 TOFA Curse

Just2pale is on a roll this month. Here's episode 5 of Spider Powers. You may want to watch the first 4 episodes beforehand if you are new to ABS.

Here's a TOFA 2010 sneak peak. Round 1 (the second round) isn't over yet, but some entries have come in early. The theme of this round is to make a sequel to someone else's TOFA entry (so you may want to watch these in backwards order). Maybe there will be a sequel to Bob and the Apple. Maybe. May be. This first sneak peak entry, however, is Boinky33's sequel for Jimmy Egeland's Spelunker Brothers which could just as well be a sequel to his own Tim Burton Movie Pitch.

I was pretty sure Spelunker Brothers already has a sequel.

I love the gangsta penguin from last year's TOFA. Now, Thundaboom has created his own cool character in his sequel.

Mr.Fizzy didn't just make a sequel, he made a "squeakuel". Make of that what you will.

Some of you may know about the TOFA curse. There's this power in this universe that makes the TOFA contest an equal playing field by handicapping the talented's resources and only extreme determination can make a true Flash champion overcome their TOFA curse. That's how Andrew Kepple won in 2008 with no Internet connection. Others in the past have overcome some impossible deadlines, conflicting schedules, excessive travel, corrupted Flash files, overheated motherboards and dying hard drives. This year it seems almost everyone in Round 1 has been hit with a curse.

Rob Parker:

I am close to finishing my entry, but a couple of days ago my computer lost connection to the internet. I've been splitting my time working on my flash (my computer is still functional) and trying to figure what in the hell happened to my computer.

I have made significant progress regarding both, though I can't say I know how to fix my computers internet problem.

So that sucks for my sister, because I'll be using her laptop to get sfx and to upload my entry when it is finished.


I just wanted to come by here and say that I will not be able to finish my animation in time. The reason for this is that I lost a very good friend of mine a few days ago and I don't really feel like animating or doing anything productive at the moment...

I hope to come back next year though, good luck to everyone in the competition!

The Mobile Sponge:

Hey everyone, sorry I've been ghost for this round, the short version of whats happening to me is my grandmother is dying and we've been scuttling all over the states

In a week I'm looking after my brother and sister full time to help my dad as he helps my mom while she's in another state helping my grandmother, so there is a good chance I may have to drop out, I'm going to TRY to still compete, but this round may be the last from me :C

Good luck everyone!


I've had problems with time, voice actors, and most importantly my mouse. I'd hate to drop out without putting up anything, but my current project just isn't working for me. sad.gif


I'm living like a vampire at the moment to avoid dropping out. This week's just gunna be hectic though, preperation for an interview on friday, making a showreel, finishing TOFA entry and also getting into a job


01:48am and KrEid is nacked already, where's the coffee?


Completing mine is becoming more and more improbable, not only has my friggin voice actor STILL not sent in their lines (note to self, don't rely on newbs) but I'm having problems with my presentation for uni that also needs to be completed by friday, which takes priority, not to mention the meetings for my (hopefully) new job


Dave Bruno:

Amen to that, I just started my new job at WMS Gaming, which is 9 hour shifts ever weekday. On top of that, Im doing storyboards for something that may have Bill Murry in it. Then this and that thing I have from time to time called "a Life" make times busy lol.

At the same time, the two jobs I have now dont involve animation, so I plan on staying in this as long as I can. Animating isnt like riding a bike, you start to forget little intricacies if you avoid it for long periods of time.

A rolling stone gathers no moss

July 8 2010 Soup

Let's start this update off with an old loop from Goat-Man. Should last you about 3 minutes before moving on to the next file.

A new game from Just2pale. You play as WaterWorld's Kevin Costner to save the oceans from the BP oil spill using the latest in technology that Kevin Costner invented.

Now, with KrEid joining ABS, there are two versions of Blood.

Run is an amazing 3D game. People seriously devote a huge chunk of their young lives to getting through all the levels. Kempt has submitted a similar "running"-type game, and it's good, but doesn't have that goal-oriented feeling.

Next update... Mr.Fizzy? If so, his fan(s?) will be very happy.

July 2 2010 Goremaster character Flash Ahh!!

Just2pale is back with an animation that warms my heart. If you were here for the full April Fool's prank, you may see what's coming.

In the way way old days Yamiyanazz made The truth About Apple users for ABS. Nitwitt has tracked him down and used his same (but older) voice to create a parody.

Hopefully in the next couple days I'll be posting either some new games, some TOFA Round 1 sneak peaks or Tube Tuesday (on any day but a Tuesday).


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