August 27 2010 TOFA 2010 Final Round

The theme of the final round was not robots. I repeat, not robots. Each year in TOFA, however, great minds think alike. The final round is Zeurel vs. Dave Bruno with the theme "second chance".

Just how many of these had cellphones?

August 23 2010 This is how we trip at ABS

Three beautiful animations have been sent to me in the mail from Russia by Alexandr Tanana. Each animation a little different in style, but each an adventure of the eyes and ears. Leave comments!

August 16 2010 Pleasure Island

Weighing in at over 14 MegaBytes is the third episode of Chris Voigt's Pleasure Island series.

There are two ways the above file can make any sense to you. You can either watch it over and over again or watch the series from the first episode below.

August 6 2010 If you only had one wish

Two animators from the following entries will move up to compete directly against each other in the final round of TOFA (The Tournament of Flash Artists). This round's theme was simply "one wish". Leave comments.

I wish Darkshadow8181 would complete his animation. It almost looks like he could have won. I would title it Robot Aladdin.

August 4 2010 Are you fancy?

The Round 2 of TOFA is finishing up just around the corner and a new series page is coming next week.


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