April 28 2009 Another Tube Tuesday

For those of you first visiting, this is a site featuring some homegrown Flash animations and Flash games, but on Tube Tuesday I want to show you what's happening elsewhere on the Internet with the power of video.

One video blogger that's been getting some attention lately is Edarem. Usually an old person discovers the Internet, finds the novelty wears off, and moves back to the simpler offline life. Not Edarem. He's embracing it full-on.

Xaeij hasn't logged in his video account for two weeks. He's hiding under a new identity it seems. Can't handle a little name-calling. Sticks and stones.

Fredde covers some tunes that are either popular offline or online. You need to be a bit net-savvy to know some of the latter tunes. As for this gimmick of 32 songs in one, some transitions are smooth, and some are forced, but it doesn't hurt to have another free MP3 to your Zune, err, iPod.

I caught last night's Coast to Coast AM radio programme last night. Something about Swine Flu being the forth horseman of the apocalypse. They tend to exaggerate, but it is spreading, so it's nothing to sneeze at. (Bad pun intended).

Oh, one more thing, and by request. I don't want to ruin it for you, so I'll just give you the title. Comes straight from the Albino Blacksheep members.

Congratulations, harry_lime.

April 22 2009 Happy Earth Day

I thought these games would be appropriate.

Yesterday was Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom Hashoah), but I would only have this to post.

April 20 2009 A day like any other

Here are some "re-runs" that I thought would work for today. Roboman's from last month is just perfect.

A couple minutes in, you won't question why I included Sheepie's Odyssey.

Anything else from ABS you want to see today, just let me know.

April 19 2009 Where have I been?

So hard to balance real life and Internet. Especially when the sun is out for the first time since July and I am swimming in receipts.

If it weren't for Twitter, I don't think Pedro would have gotten in touch with me, and I would haven't know about the following:

April 11 2009 Bunny Update

Animutation legend Toxic AKA Bob Barker is back! What has it been? Two, three years at least?

Watch. ABS will get a whole bunch of Easter submissions once Easter is over.

I know there's Breeder, Eco Bunnies, Bunny Hunter, There she is!!, Bunnies in 30 Seconds and many other bunny animations on this site, but those are for another day. There's always the archive. You know how to use this site's search engine, right? Today is Toxic's day.

If you have too much spare time (which we now know is a bad thing), last year instead of bunny or Jesus files for Easter, there was an Easter egg hunt on the site's Flash files. Here if you have the time.

April 9 2009 Full Moon Update

How about a plethora of online games?

Moon Buggy has me addicted. Make it to at least level 4. The music should inspire you.

Here's some ABS originals regarding the moon.

Also, Happy Passover

April 8 2009 Charlie the Unicorn 3

Well, maybe there will have to be two updates today. Charlie the Unicorn 3, slighly less than a year after part 2, was just released. If you haven't heard of this (and who hasn't by now?), watch them in order. (Forwards order.)

Don't forget to grab the free MP3 downloads.

April 7 2009 A Tube Tuesday

I've got Parry Gripp's currently most popular MP3 up now. Still doesn't match Waffles, though.

An increasingly popular theory of creation from Dr. Steel that someone is going to be really happy is posted. It pretty much goes hand in hand with X Marks The Spot.

I have a feeling this will be used as class material in every design and marketing class.

The programming is always improving at Mozilla Labs, and this video is a little old, so you can download Ubiquity and compare how things have improved.

If you are interested, a new optional feature of Gmail is Undo Send. You can actually unsend email messages if you made a mistake. Nothing fancy. It just gives you a five second period before it really sends your email.

Gmail Undo Send

Thanks to twitter.

Drink til you want me

Maybe I should update tomorrow...

April 6 2009 A Sunday, er Monday

Mr.Fizzy has enough files for his own directory. Included is the feedback he received when he first started submitting Flash to ABS.

Another directory I want to direct you.. (oh, that's why they call it that) to is the Flash Tutorial directory. There are many tutorials on the Forums, but you have to actually know how to read to follow along with those. In this directory, the tutorials are animated in Flash.

The latest tutorial is Thundaboom16's Flash Twitching guide. A lot more detailed than my Wiggle tutorial. These effects add life to still characters with minimal effort.

The effect is used in pretty much every animation by Ryoshenron including the series Sitcom and Boy and Robot. Even Drewmo makes use of the technique in the Jokes with Einstein series. Bluhh mustache.

If you have a Twitter account and visit this site, it wouldn't hurt to follow me on the service. The ABS community is closer than ever, but not everyone has time for chatting on ABS Forums, and I'd like more insight into the people who read this site. Perhaps Twitter is the answer. Keep in mind that I haven't written anything yet, but I will. I'm waiting.

Here's my updated review of Internet Explorer. The new version 8 was released earlier this week. I'm quite happy with how it renders this site's design. Major issues in earlier versions have been fixed, but CSS3 effects are yet to be implemented in the browser.

April 2 2009 A Thursday

If you are looking to play a great game, click on the moon tonight. If you don't know what I'm talking about, your loss.

April 1 2009 April Fools

The Conficker virus turned out to not be a problem (yet), and the ABS prank, though not the best, did the trick.


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