April Fools 2009

Two pranks in one. The exposed directory and the screamer. Both work together to make April Fools 2009 possible on ABS. I know some consider the classic screamer to be "lame" or at least over-used, which is why you see it less and less on ABS, and ABS used to be known for screamers.

I have about 5 better prank ideas, but didn't have the production time and money required for the bigger ones. Maybe another year.

Last year there was no April Fool's prank. Something bad happened on March 31st last year, but I can turn that incident into a prank for a future April Fools.

I really hope this year you were a bit shocked at either the exposed directory or the screamer. As for really moving files around the server, yes, I am doing that. This site should be a nice, neat and clean archive of ABS Flash movies and software downloads by this time next year. It's already better than last month. But the archive is the past. ABS needs to also expand and grow for the future, and honestly, very few good submissions are coming in around this time of year.

On the brighter side, The Albino Blacksheep Tournament of Flash Artists 2009 (TOFA 2009) is just a couple months away. It may even start in June. Some of the best animations came out of that big contest.

Leave a comment below (no sign-up required) because Lida wants to know how well her "picture" worked.

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