Party Song

Party Song Lyrics

Gonna have a party
and it's gonna be great
We're gonna have some ice cream
and probably cake
We're gonna have some party favors
and probably balloons
We're gonna have a party
to late afternoon

We're gonna put
crepe paper on everything
We're gonna play twister
We're gonna dance and sing

Cause it's a party
Cause it's a party

And I'll be drinkin'
Fruit punch from a paper cup
and eatin' so many chips
I'm gonna throw it all up

Cause it's a party
Gonna have a party
Cause it's gonna be a party
A real life party
A butt sex party
Like the Republican party
A scat fetish party
Just like the Boston Tea Party

Yeah but not the Donner Party
It isn't that kinda party
It's a regular party
Not a cannibal party

Yeah we're gonna have a party
And it's gonna be a party
The kind that's a party