November 27 2011 Happy Birthday

What I like about Anthony @ Vakava Designs' latest timely animation is how he sets the theme with toy-like drawn characters as well as special attention to typography that matches the context of what is typed. The style looks like a softer, but more detailed version of Cuboy.

This animation from a new Israeli artist reminds me of young LazyBoy if LazyBoy weren't already so young. Probably not the best animation or humour, but definitely much potential.

Ross Bollinger's Pencilmation series has been a wonderful addition to Albino Blacksheep, and now Ross is putting together funds for a Pencilmation DVD over at Kickstarter.

November 23 2011 Versitie

One year later there is a sequel to charming stop motion animation of Marcel the Shell with Shoes On. Sometimes good dialogue, voice acting and a little lip syncing is all it takes.

R. Wappin's animation to a hidden Lemon Demon track.

Minecraft fans, let it be known in the comments if Jordan's new series is good.

November 13 2011 Pencil pusher

Episode 3 and the brand new episode 4 go together, but if you truly love LazyBoy, watch the whole Yotam & Fantasia series.

I've always believed stop-motion was the video technique most similar to traditional animation. Instead of drawing a talking mouse and duck, imagine having to sharpen pencils for days on end.

November 8 2011 My Little Derpy

Quite an irregular-fitting piece from Andrew Kepple.

A cute game by Ryoshenron featuring little ponies. Awwww.

November 2 2011 Completely safe

Brand new animation by LazyBoy with male-female dynamics only he understands.

Vakava put his own lyrics onto some heavy metal riffs.

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