December 24 2011 1 year left of Earth

Happy Sophisticus, gentlemen.

The 2011 Year in Review using paper cutouts giving it a style of South Park mashed up Paper Mario mashed up with with Animutation.

I think this is true. Cookie Monster is the first man muppet that I remember saying "Om nom nom nom".

This was originally part of the "Personality Disorders" update which was pulled at the last minute. Now with the official go-ahead, here's Noah B. Wilson's latest project.

Some oldies.

Since 2003.

Since 1999.

Eustus asked me if I had a place for his new Animal Song. I think that's the best time to place in into an ultimate showdown with The Nature Song. Although, I think anything from Eustus will always be compared to his earliest hit, Dog Cat.


December 14 2011 They don't let me work

Now that some characters overlap, it is a real series.

Best known for his Dog Cat video and song, Eustus is back with another.

It's the TOFA Blues Cat.

December 4 2011 Leavin' on a Jetplane

You've seen Ryoshenron submit a couple games this past year, but he's still creating Boy and Robot episodes when inspiration strikes.

The 2011 TOFA semi-finalist, Willva, has teamed up with ABS veteran ZekeySpaceyLizard to bring you the following.

Due to your negative feedback for Jordan the other week, he's back with a better writer for animated skits that are a hundred times better. Feedback works!

If anyone is interested to buy an unlimited bandwidth hosting account, please contact me to let me know. I will be cancelling that server soon unless someone wants it.


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