October 31 2011 Halloween 2011.

So many animations for Halloween. Enjoy.

This is the world premiere of PLem's latest adventure game. You may remember his previous game, Film School: The Interactive Adventure and the Maybe It's A Virus music video. This game is pretty big.

Plenty of scary animations and games here, and plenty more in the archives as this site has been around more than a decade.

Update: An animation created by WooleyWorld last Halloween, but never released.

The scariest animation of all.

Don't forget to prank your friends with these files.

October 26 2011 We are chased by Polar Bears every day.

Why, yes, we are chased by Polar Bears every day. I'm glad Surn has made an accurate animation of life in Canada to followup his Russian video.

You may be interested to know that Surn uses a program called Graphics Gale to make pixelated characters. Perfect for chiptune music.

Noah B. Wilson of Choas City Team has released his masterpiece years in the works. A huge adventure game.

Are there toilets with the level on the right-hand side?

It was all worth it for R. Wappin when kids enjoy his Hello, Fred the Beard animation this much.

Summer is officially over and so is TOFA 2011. If you are a Flash animator and would like a reminder to enter next year, send me an Email. We gave out 9 cash prizes and hope to give out even more next year.

Past Albino Blacksheep TOFA winners.

k7vin TOFA 2011

October 13 2011 Disorders

It's amazing to learn that Flash Game developer Damien Clarke was able to create this game within 24-hours. Post your ranking in the comments.

Turbo is also back since he was submitting back in March and April, and his style is just as insane, it not moreso.

This video was made known to me by thatwanderingman on ABS Forums.

Love him or hate him, Mr.Fizzy is back with a spinoff of Speshil Sheepy featuring Speshil Sheepy's cousin Hector. Mr.Fizzy awaits your hurtful comments.

October 6 2011 Oogly

Putting those ideas that don't fit anywhere to good use by Yotam Perel

Finally, Lepy explains what happened to his missing entry at TOFA's Round 2.

Welcome back Jack Thomas with your second submission.

One of my favourite submissions featuring Steve Jobs, founder of Apple who passed away yesterday at the age of 56.

October 2 2011 Apple and Honey

I'm a sucker for Internet memes.

This is the second Captain Dan animated music video by Matt Beaudoin. I'm keeping in touch and up to date with Captain Dan & the Scurvy Crew. This Pirate Rap is not just a musical gimmick, but very smart and well-written rhymes.

Here's the next chapter in the TOFA 2011 series, but watch the other episodes first or you'll be completely confused.


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