February 28 2011 Animutation is where it's at

Ten years ago on this date a home schooled student named Neil Cicierega published an animation that changed the world, or at least my world. I, and many others had experimented with Flash before. It was for all the wrong reasons a popular tool for Web design and slideshows. However, what Neil did with was much more purposeful. To make Colin Mochrie an Internet star by basardizing him into foreign-music videos of badly cutout found jpegs. There was simply no other reason to be seen.

It was Hyakugojyuuichi!!! that set the template for all future animations known as animutations - a play on the worlds animation and mutation. Neil churned out more and more on a regular basis - each more wacky and filled with pop culture references. Lesko's Revenge from those free money informertials, Team Rocket's Journey Through Time and Space for Pokémon, Cold Heart for Care Bears, Life is Like a Mop refering to Weird Al's UHF movie, and many more obscure and forgotten pieces of culture. Never forgetting to feature Colin Mochrie in some way.

Others followed the trend. These creations by animutation fans were called fanimutations. I made a few. R-Rated ones. I made a clean one on the side, and it became popular. I called it Elvis Lives in Flash.

Other members of the site submitted their own, and those caught attention too. Here's just two of the hundreds.

But there were two worlds. One, the official animutations by Neil Cicierega and the fanimutations the followers he inspired. These fanimutations, though by a different author were still animutations in all other ways to classify them. Why place them in a whole different genre? Why the segregation.

This is where Andrew Kepple comes in, presenting an epic trilogy explaining the liberation of fanimutations. No more hiding Colin Mochrie pictures in the sun. Colin Mochrie is right in the title and took notice of his Internet stardom through this series.

It got out of hand. How could people abuse one persona so much for so long? There's now animutations about animutations. It went meta.

It was not the inclusion of Colin Mochrie that defined the genre. With or without him, it couldn't be stopped. With Neil moving onto bigger projects like Farchie Archie, Potter Puppet Pals and Lemon Demon, Albino Blacksheep members filled the void by showing tribute to the style that became an Internet phenominon.

So today we celebrate 10 years of Hyakugojyuuichi!!!. The animation that made online culture the way it is today. No exaggeration.

February 27 2011 Streblo

Scott Kalison submitted the first, and so-far, only episode of his private detective series to Albino Blacksheep. If this career interests you, know that you cannot become a PI without first having a dirty mouth.

Ryoshenron is back!!! No pika snacks this time, but instead an epic sequel to his original Fantasy FX RPG game. If you've beaten that, prepare for another quest in Fantasy XF II.

Our good friend Santhosh writing tp me all the way from India has submitted a music video that I think everyone here can relate to. (Relate to the first one, not the second.)

Eight episodes already. I really need to create a series page for these.

Interesting development. In the Fall, Eustus created and submitted Dog Cat to Albino Blacksheep as an original ABS music video. Suddenly, Eustus is getting very famous. The reason: A music video that's very similar to his entitled Animal Beatbox has won $70,000 at the 2011 Tropfest film festival and sparked much controversy. Contests are a delicate thing. Especially when they involve money and prizes. Sometimes the awards do not get presented to the people who deserved them. The backlash against Animal Beatbox is a warning.

February 17 2011 Post VD

Quite a unique piece by Yotam in this update. Showing a little what goes on in the mids of young teenage girls.

The Ducky series by Slinkers continues on with a music number for Valentine's.

Since the forum refresh this year I wanted to make certain this prank by blindhaberdasher AKA Tyler Turden has a permanent archive. It's a late April Fool's prank on a member who has disappeared from our little community since his humiliation.

February 14 2011 Captain Planet Singles Awareness Day

This is both an update of new files, plus a Valentine's update. I'll mix them all up, so you won't be able to know which ones to avoid.

Captain Planet featured in Chris Voigt's Ask Raptor Jesus has returned in his own animation.

A special Valentine's Dick Figures. Highly recommended.

Last year's TooMuchSpareTime Valentine's feature, Avid Lebon's feature the year before, and TooMuchSpareTime a few years before that.

These should be clearly labeled as e-cards.

If you crave more Valentine's, check out last year's Valentine's update.

I did not forget my promise to post more Super Bowl XLV videos.

February 8 2011 Superbowl XLV Commercials

Certain commercials from the Superbowl were making news such as The Volkswagon Force and Best Buy's Big Game Spot, and I'll post these for you, no problem. I've found the ones that weren't talked about were the real creative pieces. It takes more than referencing Star Wars or hiring Justin Bieber to make a good commercial.

To start, I'd like to showcase the NFL's own commercial that they ran during the Superbowl. This will help people who only watch the game for the commercials or halftime show get back into the spirit of the game. The meticulous work to superimpose NFL merchandize is to be admired.

If you are a preppy, wear boat shoes, a sweater wrapped around your neck a la Carlton Banks or wear multiple or even one popped collar polo shirt, please be informed by the following video.

This is pretty much how I see people who bought the first iPod and just couldn't wait 7 years before owning one.

Best Buy's new slogan is now "being obsolete is now obsolete", but if you think Justin Bieber can stand alone without a legend like Ozzy, you are as out of touch as the people who hired Black Eyed Peas for the halftime.

If you have a kid about this age and you want him to start dating early, teach him to say, "It was me. I was the one in the Darth Vader mask." Just to sure to transfer him when the kids as school eventually don't believe him.

I have many questions about the supposed "test" baby.

This commercial breaks the 4th wall and I was hoping for much more behind that wall. It's too close to the truth and I can't handle the truth.

We all have our vice, but humanity will never achieve true empathy until we can sympathize with the vice of others.

The flaw about the food has been purposely mistaken as a feature. There are many products in the same situation.

Basically, there's no need to go to the movies for special effects anymore.

Disguised as a real local commercial. In Canada, however, all the commercials are actually local and none of what I am posting can be seen on Canadian television. Thank you Internet.

A cheesy joke backed up by a celebrity to justify the budget.

I have to admit. This commercial made me curious.

This commercial is a parody of the Lassie TV show. Nobody in this generation has ever watched that show. They only know of it through parody.

This opportunity comes once in a lifetime, yo.

These aren't all the commercials. Just the ones that were leaked online first. I have many more to post. Please be patient. They are a'comin' in this very spot.

February 2 2011 The Groundhog is frozen

I haven't been this sick in years, but I hope this children's advice from this semi-animated Of Montreal music video works on adults.

I promised I would post the second episode as soon as it's published, and it's finally released not more than 24-hours ago. A little complicated with the credits in the middle of the video, but it keeps going for many minutes more. Star Wars fans, prepare to have your world turned upside down.


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