Ever since Alex Tanana's eye-popping and hypnotic submissions from last year, I have been hopeful for a reappearance from him. Today, he returns with Mantropa. Feedback is welcome.

I have not known someone who didn't say wow after watching Dash It.

Flash enthusiast Aaron Simpson has alerted me about the latest Dick Figures episodes from our partners at Mondo Media. Prepare for more psychadelic scenes, but mixed in with regular stick figures. You'll have to watch to understand.

Amongst the White House recordings this little gem was discovered and passed around the net as an audio recording. Very intimate and detailed instructions from Lyndon B. Johnson (the president known for conducting meetings while on the toilet) on how he'd like his pants made were passed all over the Internet. Tawd Dorenfeld has created animation to go with the audio track to make this more accessible and viral to the Internet.

Just someone posting a video game glitch by changing the computer's clock mid-game, and trying to make a meme out of it. Perhaps it will spread, but you cannot force a meme. They just have to happen.

What should this update be called?

An impressive animated music video by Kris Sperring to start today's update. Very familiar cityscape in the animation's background.

There's no A Stupid Animation 1, 2 or 3 that I know of, only number 4 submitted today. However, his previous submissions were titled Epik 1, Epik 2 and Epik 3.

The following animation from Samuel starts off very simple and even symetrical, making the ending seem even more dramatic. The whole animation syncs with Weezer's Say It Ain't So.

If you'd like to see a great Harry Potter animation by Slinkers, check out Potter Gump. If you've seen that and you absolutely need to squeeze just a little more Harry Potter fun from him, here you are. If you'd like an MP3 of the music, request so in the comments.

Related to last update's videographer discussion, I think I can create a daily update for about a week, I just need to find a good starting date.

Leaky Weeks


I thought at first that everyone made a New Year's resolution not to create anymore stupid animations for Albino Blacksheep. Luckily, Yotam and Jimmy both have something new for 2011.

People who are often videographers ask me, "Hey, Albino. [That's not my name, but whatever] Do you only post Flash animation?" The answer is that I am willing to post anything with an animated element to it. Anything from claymation to rotoscoping to really great use of After Effects is considered animation to me. Flash is the best animation tool for Web presentation (vector-based, preloading, etc.), but may not be the tool for the effect you need. So today I present to you an animation made entirely with Google Docs.

ABS is looking for new members to animate in 2011 and for current members to try out new animation styles.