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It seems now that LazyBoy has a break from the army, he's finishing off an old sequel.

Great Destiny ManChris Voigt attempted to submit works to ABS in 2005, and was rejected by the community. Now, five years later with animation courses at Griffith University, he has come back strong.

I have a special place in my heart for anything animutation. Another entry by Mr-Scriblam who seems to always be experimenting with different styles in which to feature Steve Martin.

Kind of reminds me of FallOut based on the classic ABS game Falldown and Falldown 2.

February 19 2010 All-nighters

In LazyBoy's newest free downloadable song, he finally reveals the program that he uses to make Flash movies.

With this type of talent, you either have it or you don't, and Peter Wingham has it!

My voice acting has made it into a Mr.Fizzy cartoon! It's only one line, but we all gotta start somewhere. I brought you your coffee this morning, Mr.Fizzy.

Karthon's followup to his first and second Kevin.

The latest Cyanide & Happiness short will never replace Tally Hall in my heart.

Cupid February 13 2010 A very mature Valentine's Day

This year's Valentine's update begins with Andrew Kepple's largest animation ever submitted weighing in at 17 slow MegaBytes. It's also a Team Fortress 2 parody like Professor Fate's Scout and the Medic This is the world premiere of Spy and Pyro.

Devil girl These are the (im)mature animations. Thought some might appreciate the warning.

In the spirit of the olympics.

There are just too many romance-themed animations to list.

If you're still in the mood, check out Valentine's last year and the year before.

CnH February 10 2010 Cyanide & Happiness

I've pieced together a quick Cyanide & Happiness Flash series directory on ABS. The latest CnH Flash short is The Man Who Could Sit Anywhere, which I think is one of their best so far. It's comparible with their classic from last year Waiting for the Bus which is going straight to the Epic section.

View the Cyanide & Happiness collection.

February 3 2010 Untitled

As a strange coincidence, seperate animators Splicker and Jackbliss have both emailed me a promise this week to make a series of animated PSAs for publishing on Albino Blacksheep.

Mr.Fizzy teams up with veteran ABSer Booters (ebaums werld iz gay, Good Girl, Yes! Bad Girl, No!) for an animation with original emo music.

I had not seen Charlie Dougherty (username: zagudabuda) for years after he created the best HORSE The Band animated video for Bunnies (and one of the band members is a regular on the ABS Forums). It's one of my personal favourite music videos on this site, by the way. He's returned to submit his college animation project.

Due to a typo on my part, this classic 2001 animation was down for a few weeks, but has been fixed.

If you are working on a Valentine animation for February 2010, submit it in as soon as possible. The 14th is approaching.


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