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Today I am unveiling Professor Fate's animation directory, and his latest Flash animutation Slash Dot Dash.

Like Professor Fate, Andrew Kepple, keatonkeaton999, ZekeySpaceyLizard, Lemon Demon and other greats (and not so greats, as well), I had also experimented with animutation years back.

Mr.Fizzy is only 14 13, and makes my early-20s animation skills look bad in comparison.

I've added two more popular PDF programs to the Office Software directory.

Software Sunday 3

There will be some new files later this week by Mr.Fizzy (who has changed his name 4 times already). I'd like to thank him and farfenwaffle for putting up with making multiple edits to their files.

Not sure if the term "New Old Stock" can apply to animations.

For this week's Software Sunday, you can try out the top five Web browsers from the Web Browser section.

Criss Cross Applesauce

The secret to making a cool game for Albino Blacksheep is having a cool title. I'd describe this game as a combination between Snake and Boomshine.

You may remember Groovemastercox from animations rather than games, as he created Why can't Ninjas be part of our School Systems? Part 1 and Why can't Ninjas be part of our School Systems? Part 2.

Another music video and accompanying MP3 by the late Logan Whitehurst.

This team's followup to last summer's Sublime Collab featuring some new ABSers.

I promised to post this.

It's not Software Sunday yet, but I have added some more free downloads to the Office Software section. These could really use your feedback.

The doctor is in

While we await the second episode of Mindy...

Be patient with the preloader of this one.

We already have Jewels of the Dark, but some players need the original gameplay sights and sounds for authenticity sake.

For this weekend's software downloads, I present Messengers and Chat Clients.

I've tried to include something for everyone. Everything from your simple legacy messengers like ICQ, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), AIM and Yahoo. To multi-messengers like Trillian, Miranda and Pidgin. The youngest all-in-one Facebook/MySpace/Email/multi-messenger Digsby. Then topped off the list with IRC-specifc, voice-specific, gamer-specific and webcam-specifc clients.

I have not reviewed them all, so please feel free to write in a review on the program's page, even if there already are reviews. I highly encourage your feedback on these free programs. If you'd like to add a review for programs I did not include in the list, just send me an email (see footer) or post on the forum.


Why didn't anyone tell me the link to Missile Game 3D was 404 in the Feature menu? You see any problems with this site, let me know. No one has yet to mention the IE7 bug.

Something I want to do as a weekly feature is "Tube Tuesdays", which can be just video files, but something you can rely on each week at the same day. Maybe this site is too random sometimes. Remember, you can view in full-screen with one click.

When you assume, you make an *ss out of both you and me.

How Jim Carrey would have to answer the phone.

With the December 2, 2008 promise to re-organize the site, I have added a new Download section for free Office Software. I encourage you to submit reviews for any software that you find useful. Check the footer for my email, or better yet, use the Forum. So if you cannot program or animate, this can be your way to contribute to a part of Albino Blacksheep.


From ABS Forums' current game contest, comes this little entry. Please read the instructions.

Happy New Year

I've added 7 more games to the Pixel Flash Games directory, and will add a few more before moving on to another section.

The new design is up, but there are some Internet Explorer 7+ bugs with the feature menu above. That will be fixed eventually. As always, you can revert back to an old ABS design in the /style/ section if you don't like the current one, or submit your own.