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[AbiWord] AbiWord is an opensource and cross-platform Word processor. Whether you have Windows, Macintosh or Linux, you can create, open and edit Word documents for free with AbiWord - an alternative to the costly Microsoft Word program.

I personally don't currently have Microsoft Office installed, but don't feel handicapped at all when I need to create a Word document. People are surprised that I don't use Microsoft Word when I have the disk's case clearly displayed on my shelf. I like to keep my hard drive spacious from huge application suites and have opted to install AbiWord when necessary. It does the job perfectly.

The program will default to try to save files in its native format, but you can "Save As" to a .doc file, compatible with Microsoft Word. AbiWord may not have every feature that MSWord includes, but these are advanced features the average person has never used and does not even know exist.

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