Lotus Symphony by IBM

Lotus Symphony icon Lotus Symphony is an office suite made up of three essential applications named: Lotus Symphony Documents, Lotus Symphony Presentations and Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets. Basically Word, PowerPoint and Excel, but with the ability to extend the programs with plugins.

These programs have support for both open document formats and Microsoft Office formats (.doc, .xls and .ppt).

I find IBM's site a little complicated when you go to download the program. It automatically directs me to a Windows download on a Windows machine, but then ends up giving me a list of downloads for developer kits and versions for other systems. After that I am required to at least put in a (fake) name and email address. You should uncheck that they email you offers, but then check that other companies cannot. Purposely confusing the user into agreeing to spam is not nice. Then their custom downloader crashed my browser at the last step. Use their "download using http" option at the end to avoid that. I'll put up a better link as soon as they become available.

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