Skype by Skype Technologies S.A.

Skype icon I kept seeing the code callto://name on an increasing number of sites and blogs, some even with a "Skype Me!" button. This URL syntax was used for Microsoft Netmeeting calling and hardly seen online, but had re-emerged with the more popular software called Skype - now with over one hundred million downloads.

Skype is like any Instant Messaging program, but puts voice calling first. It has many advanced features, some requiring additional charges or plugins such as Voicemail, Sykpeout (allowing you to also call regular phone numbers) and SkypeIn (allowing you to recieve calls to your computer).

I'm not interested in having to be at my computer with headphones and a microphone or headset, but I would like a way for site visitors to contact me without having to e-mail.

Some free features such as conferencing interest me as a webmaster. Perhaps I can hold online sessions with a number of visitors. Talking is always more efficient for short term tasks than typing, and typing to multiple people in ABS chat has always been a problem.

As a first time user with no contacts (unless I click on a random callto:// link from some random blog), I can make a test call, and hear myself in order to properly adjust my volume controls.

I may or may not list this product and my callto:// link on the contact page. I will ask around to see who else has Skype and start testing it out in order to determine if it can replace my e-mail.

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