March 29 2008 Dr. Steel

Starkraven Madd's latest animated music video for the doctor attempting world domination.

Her other Dr. Steel animations are rated exceptionally well. Give them a look.

March 25 2008 A Real Update

An improvement from the last Boy and Robot episode.

Cyriak's latest video is MOO!, which unlike Animation Mix seems to have a plot. Aliens abducting cows.

Captain Dan's newest album is entitled Rimes of the Hip Hop Mariners. A great followup to the first album Authentic Pirate Hip-Hop which featured Blackbeard's Treasure.

If you still don't have your fill of free music, allow me to introduce you to iBand. This three-piece band only uses touch-screen instruments on unlocked and jailbroken (AKA Warrenty void) versions of Apple's iPhone and iPod touch.

March 24 2008 Zombie Jesus Easter Egg Hunt

Before tomorrow's update of new files, why not discover easter eggs (hidden content) that ABS animators have been sneaking into their files. I'll start you off. Look for invisible links at the end screen of LazyBoy's file. You haven't reached the "real" end until you've seen the turtle.

Feel free to make some suggestions, and I'll add them.

No, I will not be making the site pink today.

March 20 2008 Buttons

Everyone knows I love those 88x31 buttons. So here are some you can use to promote your favourite US candidate for the 2008 US Presidential election.

Obama 2008

Clinton 2008

McCain 2008

Nader 2008

Edit: You will now be linked back to when using the code.

Other ABS members made more buttons, so perhaps I will add them later.

If politics is your thing, I highly suggest the Debate Forum on ABS Forums.

I added buttons for the 2006 Canadian election, in case you were wondering.

March 17 2008 Happy St. Patrick's Day

Paddy & Murphy is a scene from Up Skit Creek 2 from TMST.

From the Colin Mochrie vs. Jesus H. Christ series:

March 14 2008 Everybody Wins

Still working on having the high scores load up.

A shooting game, where you only get to take one shot (per level):

March 3 2008 Animation AND Games (in alternating order)

Here we go - an animation about one of the grossest things on the internet, and I didn't even have to resort to profanity. It just relies on a certain "educated audience". - Andrew Kepple

The sequel to the first reason:

Playing Pong and Breakout at the same time probably takes more brain power than playing 10 games of chess at a time in the park. Start off selecting "easy" in PongOut - high score enabled:

From the author of Meltdown:


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