Tatoo: An Alcohol Induced Idea Becomes a Reality!

Topic 7413 by mx13punk

ABS' second fattest visitor (no offense), mx13punk, shows his devotion to the ABS Forums by getting a tattoo of the ABS sheepie. Below is his story with photographs.

by mx13punk

Topic 7413

I was out drinking last night with a few buddies when the topic of work came up. I've mentioned before that I spend the vast majority of my time at work on ABS just reading through threads and posting random non-sense. I told them all about the site, and everyone seemed interested. Eventually the topic turned from work to tattoo's. Well, this was about 4 jeiger bombs, 2 Irish Carb Bombs, and 6 beers or so later! So, I mentioned how badass it would be to get a tattoo of Sheepie from ABS on my left calf....

Big mistake.

Everyone I was with told me I should do it, and I was inebriated enough to go along with it, so here I am, about 24 hours later, with some disturbingly idiotic news.

I have been branded an ABS fan for life!

Here's the Story:

11:30 PM, 02/17/06

here I am drinking with a few buddies, The chica in the background is my fiance. The chinese on the table is from a local place called the "china Dynasty". Myself and one other guy (in a later picture, wearing a red shirt) used to drive delivery for the place, so free food usually ends up being consumed on our drinking nights.


12:15 AM 02/18/06

Here's my calf... Void of any sort of markings what-so-ever. I honnestly don't remember much about the next few scenes, I was very... very drunk.


12:45 AM 02/18/06

I drove home (not a good plan...) to get a picture of Sheepie. I couldn't find one big enough. So here is the s****y blown up image of sheepie (taken from the bottom left hand side of the page on http://www.albinoblacksheep.com)/ I did in MSPaint....


1:00 AM 02/18/06

Here's the much nicer artist rendition that my Tattoo guy did for me. Void of any shading.


1:15 AM 02/18/06

I'm ready to get this s*** started, and so is my Tattoo artist ($150 in hand), so he copied the image to my calf using a transfer.

[Before 1]

1:20 AM 02/18/06

Let the fun begin....

[Before next]

2:30 AM 02/18/06

Oh dear god... What am I doing?! It was right about here I began to sober up. I had fallen asleep/passed out on the tattoo chair, and I destincly remember waking up, eyes wide open, and looking around.

[During 1]

3:00 AM 02/18/06

I'm wide awake at this point. The coloring process is begining to hurt less and be more annoying than anything else. This isn't my first tattoo, I'm actually quite used to it, but I've never had my calf done before, and it's probably the strongest muscle on my body (thank you DDR!), so the skin is a bit tighter. Lets just say, it's a new feeling.

[During 2]

3:15 AM 02/18/06

The pain is completely gone at this point, and the deed is almost done. The origianl idea was a stretch. Get Sheepie, show my dedication. I've always gotten tattoo's to remember certain periods of my life. I've been an ABS fan for years now, I visit this site more than any other, I'm sure of it. Possible even more than google! I'm trying to rationalize all of this in my head, and it's working. Sheepie = age 21, my choice of entertainment, my love for art and the people who make it. Even the definition of Albino Black Sheep is begining to make sense. Over the last 24 hours I've actually decided that I love the tattoo, and that this alcohol induced Idea was kinda cool after all.

[During 3]

3:30 AM 02/18/06

Sheepie is now complete! Jew Cap and All! [It's the sheep's two horns actually -.ed]

Muse - "Ya, Leg Wounds tend to bleed alot" (conversation this afternoon around 5pm or so)


And that's my stupid story. I hope you kids get a good laugh at all of this. Remember! When you drink, stay out of tattoo parlors!

Here's lookin' at you Kid!


If anyone would like to get a copy of the stencil used for the tattoo, just let me know. I'm sure my tattoo artist would be more than happy to provide a copy for anyone who would want to follow in my stupid... stupid footsteps.