One Million Page Views

One Million Page Views Lyrics

I know that one million is a lot,
but some people have even more.
I'm gonna name all of those people
because I'm a pageviews whore.

Kris Wilson - that guy sucks
Crouching Kitty - She's a slut
Teruchan - I don't even know her but she blows
Nch87 - You're japanese lololololz

Justflyakite - I don't like you at all
Vaporotem - You're a Jew
Pyromaniac - You suck as well
Rimfrost - You can burn in hell.

And now I leave you disappointed and sad,
hope you got the message clear in your head
you guys are just tools that I use
I use you guys to get my precious pageviews
you're nothing to me... just tools.