Yo Ho Ho

Yo Ho Ho Lyrics

When I say Yo, you say Ho. YO(HO!) YO(HO!)
When I say Yo, you say Ho. YO(HO!) YO(HO!)
When I say Yo, you say Ho. YO(HO!) YO(HO!)
When I say Yo, you say Ho. YO(HO!) YO(HO!)

-Sea Dawg-
yo ho ho turn up the stereo
noone foresaw this scenario
pirates spittin the illest flow kill every foe split em from head to toe
with nothin but rhyme
thugs of the maritime
doin crime full time shiftin' the paradigm
i'm s-e-a-d-a-w-g love to plunder so much that i would do it for free
my blood is three parts rum to one part sea
the crew of captain d even if ya plea down on one knee
no mercy
with greed we feed on both strong and weak kneed
so allow me to proceed
please concede with great speed all of your assets
and hurry it up or you and your crew will wind up in caskets

-Captain Dan-
I sing yo ho ho while I'm smokin' that drough,
While I'm mackin; then hoes
or while I'm makin' ye row,
Cause I'm stackin' them riches
you know I got that dough,
them dabloons, them dollars, them castellanos
I be stealin' yer treasure, so me plunder will grow
Keepin' pieces of eight in the hold for Escro
Pound by pound I steal them crowns from crowns
leave em gagged and bound, once I bagged their town
Mow down clowns bein round the ground
profound all around no replacements be found
pilin panties in mounds, sallies liftin' their gowns
cause this nautical sound, you know it's sure to astound
it's truly bone chilling with all them blown buildings
but oh so fulfilling to rape the unwilling
you know I'm killing for them shillings
your blood will be spilling,
I'll knock out yer teeth just to take your gold fillings

-Scott Free-
yo ho fo sho im bout that dough and the dro
pro wit the flow
I get em' below wit out known'in the hoe,
get up and go, stow what ive stole,
sallys ride me peg like they gridin on poles
im shinning wit gold, blinding my foes,
finding they hold taken what they got then its to the sea
hate'n get you shot when its Scott Free
cant stop me
yo im pulling capers for that paper, wit my saber ima sailor slayer
player, yo its robbery
If there's prey there no pay, that no way, I poetry the scourge of the
seven sea when i throw weight
OKAY! you know the motto, drinking rum out the bottle, attack at full
throttle, got my gold stack like i won the lotto,
what all this whoppla, cough up that moola, dont make me shoot yall,
You get ground into bits, pound on your bitch, run from the sound of our
ships, Sea Dawg go and breakin down like disssss!!!!