February 29 2008 The return of Tally Hall

Michigan band Tally Hall released their Complete Demos album in 2004, and their Banana Man song and video (in QuickTime) were posted here in 2005 - A big hit. Now, Tally Hall is signed with a major record label, Atlantic Records.

The above is from the album Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum by Tally Hall. A few cartoon images from Drew Mokris AKA Drewmo (of Jokes with Einstein and Tiny Plaid Ninjas fame) can be seen if your eyes are fast enough. Below is some Tally Hall's older gems.

February 28 2008 Happy Birthday Animutation

Just got an email from Andrew Kepple today.

Although Neil isn't sure of the exact date on which Hyakyugojyuuichi!! was released, it has been officially decided that it was Feb 28 (2002) (2001). Hyakugojyuuichi Forever!! came out exactly two three years later.

The above is tribute to Hyakugojyuuichi!!!. Hey wait a minute. Isn't The Japanese Pokerap the first animutation? Oh right, in Colin Mochrie vs. Jesus H. Christ we learn just how ungrateful the star of that animutation was. You'll have to check the Animutation page if you really want to know what the first animutation looked like.

February 26 2008 iPhone and iPod touch news

Little known fact about your Webmaster #1: Yesterday was the first day this century of putting on a pair of jeans.  I was pretty sure jeans weren't in style all these years.Direct link | Artist

Today was supposed to be big news of the rumoured Flash Player™ for Apple's iPhone and iPod touch. Instead, it will be two or three weeks before Apple launches its developer SDK when the Flash Player™ rumour will be truth or smashed.

ABS is specifically coded for size and ready to go for your iPhone and iPod touch. So far, ABS on the iPhone and iPod touch is useful for everything, but the animation, games and videos. There's still audio, text, images, weather and sports on ABS that works pretty well. If there's no Flash announced, I will come up with some alternatives.

February 22 2008 Games!!? :) Not today. :(

AltF4's newest animation featuring a cameo by the Fart Button clicker, and you can download the MP3 too.

A new Windows sounds song has been made, so let's compare.

I tried to start a tiny discussion on the growing Earth theory at the Science & Math section of ABS Forums.

If you are looking for more AltF4 animations, travel back to August 14th of last year.

More Boy and Robot episodes?

February 14 2008 Valentine's 2008

Before the rest of the Valentine's Day files, I want you to compare Ryan's homage to Shynola's pixelvideo of Junior Senior's Move Your Feet.

And now, Valentine's Day.

February 11 2008 True Happiness

The theme of this round (Round 3) was "true happiness".

The above concept was not unlike ZSL's Homicidal.

Although he lost this round, no one expected CJA to make it this far, being only 11 years old. He was paired up against some pretty tough competition in the early rounds and surprised us all.

You can now download the song from Andr..ogynous' popular and controversial animation thanks to an anonymous singer who provided the MP3.

February 3 2008 Record keeping

For those out of the know regarding the above file, ANONYMOUS, the secret group of hackers on steroids have declared war on the Church of Scientology - the controversial business-minded religion held dear by Tom Cruise, John Travolta and other trend-keeping/following Hollywood celebrities. Protests will be held outside the church locations on February 11 10. Anonymous has already attacked the Church of Scientology's Web site and phone systems ahead of the protest.

Some light controversy developed over at ABS Forums. All started with this image, with rmuser at the top of the forum's social hierarchy. harry_lime posted in response:

Hmmm. I see no one has objected to the inclusion of rmLOSER at the top spot on your little chart. I guess everyone has forgotten about when he and his asshole e-buddies tried to destroy the forums not too long ago. I guess we're all celebrating hackers and script kiddies now. Good gods, I long for the days when people on these forums had a little more sense than this.

The hate and jealousy against rmuser continued. faber posted:

rmuser has the most pathetic life of anyone I've ever even heard of. If somebody considers him popular on the Internet, I'm not going to interfere with that. It's the only thing he can really hope to accomplish.

Skimming through some more posts about how this chart is going on people's resumés and will be handed out to girls at nightclubs, a conversation between Submatrix and faber appears as Submatrix posts:

It must really sting that someone with such an inferior life still manages to effortlessly usurp you in almost every favourable trait including humour and intelligence, eh?

faber replies:

Srly tho, I'll admit that rmuser is a pretty smart son of a bitch, but he's wasting any talents he has on hijacking forums and feeding rats. In 10 years he'll most likely still be living with his mother or on the streets.

Danse Macabre (tenebrae vision), super moderator, chimes in:

Or he'll be swimming in cash like a bunch of other socially inept uber nerds (see Bill Gates).

Anyways, this is pretty childish back and forth drama, not even worth the read until rmuser replies:

My expectations and evaluation of myself are lower than you or anyone else could possibly place them, so don't step. You think this is anything I haven't heard before, haven't told myself repeatedly, don't already know?

I'll do you one better: Not only have my accomplishments been heretofore limited to minor internet notoriety, my only conceivable accomplishments in the near- to medium-term future involve working retail at whatever chain store will hire someone with a GED, which apparently rules out a significant portion of them. For the past several years, my family and I have been caught in a cycle of near-poverty and paycheck-to-paycheck living that we have little chance of ever escaping.

Additionally, there is no skill that I am specifically very good at. Neither musical, nor artistic, nor literary. Not in programming, not in foreign languages, not in computer science, not in philosophy, not even in video games! I've attempted to improve my writing ability, and failed. I can't afford to go to college. I am unable to drive, not in any small part because it scares the hell out of me, and the insurance would be prohibitively expensive.

I have five or six large cavities and a chipped front tooth because I haven't been to a dentist in more than four years because my sister's braces are more important. Beginning in 2006, I've frequently entertained thoughts of suicide. I cried more over the recent death of a pet rat than the death of my grandmother. My glasses tilt on one side and my eyes are used to it, but it looks weird to everyone else - oh well, can't afford to get new ones! I speak too quietly and quickly, which isn't coherent to most people. The only reason I'll be attempting to get a job in the near future is because I want money to buy a bunch of f**king electronics.

Do you think you hate me anymore than I already hate myself? I challenge you to try.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I lack the emotional maturity to become involved in a healthy intimate relationship with another person. It doesn't really matter, because I'm scared as hell of what'll happen if my parents find out I'm not interested in women. My future is one of solitude and repressed emotions. And I am not fishing for compliments you faggots.

Wow. ABS Forums - Chit-Chat.


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