Phone recording

I didn't mean to leave regular visitors hanging for so long. Gears are grinding behind the scenes to bring more frequent updates. I love this site.

Successful and completed collaborations are rare in comparison to those that fail. Ten authors led by baconneggs created this happy and somewhat violent music video.

GCBascom wrote and animated a four and a half minute epic song about Pirates of the Caribbean.

I didn't think much of this video when it was released quite a while ago, but its parodies that were released recently bring the original new appreciation.


Starting off with the second tablet experiment by the Zekey.

I was going to post the Tournament results today, but maybe later this week.

I'm thinking I should blog in between updates. You'd come to the main page, and there would be a bunch of nonsense, but anything's better than days-old content. Do we agree?


Amaaxla is back again with a new challenge. Digg it, plz.

The following whiteboard hand-drawn animation reminds me a bit of Underclocker's Doodle.

Strangeflower returns since Spike holds the Key To his own Death (broken preloader).

Bearded Hosts

Zekey is back with a tablet PC to creep us up for the new year.

Why did you send this in after the holidays, molkman?

Our member, redcuty, wishes everyone a happy new year in a style as round and bubbly as his Very Simple Game.

Before I get to showcasing any contest winners, new games or best of 2007 files, I would like to know if you would be interested in either media software reviews or music album reviews, or both. Let me know on the forum.