The Mucky Song

The Mucky Song Lyrics

I get out my mucky bed
And put on my mucky shirt
I eat my mucky breakfast
And get in my mucky car

I drive through mucky streets
To a mucky side of town
And I see you standing there
You look mucky enough to eat

We go in your mucky house
And have a mucky wicked drink
We take some mucky photographs
Of you and of me

And we romp around the room
In a mucky kind of way
And whisper sweet nothings
'Cause there's nothing left to say

Oh, Mucky

I try on your mucky dress
Squeeze into your mucky shoes
I smeer you with lotion
While you sucky my mucky toes

I get back in my mucky car
And drive through mucky down
I reach my mucky house
To turn on my mucky PC


And I upload all those pictures
That I took of you and me
To a mucky little Web site
For mucky people to see

I get a thousand million emails
From all around the world
And they call me Mr. Mucky
'Cause mucky mucky mucky....

Mucky mucky mucky mucky you
Mucky mucky mucky mucky me