September 26 2011 September 26

For those that can't animate, but can draw, there are many videos Albino Blacksheep posts that are a series of drawn images, but still hold audience attention through great narration. The 5th Avocado is an early example, or anything by Brad Neely.

Somehow Mark P0rter animated Eye for an Eye in 18 hours. Be aware, it's an artistic non-talky animation. It was not too many years ago when his first submission was the crude Naughty Animations. Quite a contrast.

September 22 2011 Not easy

Another sick song by this year's TOFA participant, Koit.

For those keeping up with TOFA, the Round 3 challenge was to animate conflict and resolution with their competing animator using a different animation style.

No, Patrick_94 was not able to complete his entry, but WooleyWorld took is place in that bracket.

This time of year we remember 19-year-old animator Tim Jewell from this site who passed away from a suicide attempt two years ago.

September 11 2011 10 years later

I have a choice. Either repost some mostly tasteless 9/11 animations from 10 years ago, or something completely unrelated.

Aliyaho's animation from when he was 14-years-old seems to stand the test of time.

Political and 9/11 animations.

September 7 2011 Best animator?

The psychadelic Alex Tanana is back with a more polished style since my favourite of his, Dash It. Compare.

September 3 2011 Boiled eggs

Jack's submission makes poetry cool again.

While animators are hard at their current Albino Blacksheep contest challenge, to transform their animation style, Mike Southmoor has coindicentally submitted an animation featuring exactly that.

The latest platformer game from the famous Ryoshenron has all the known bugs worked out.

Unfortunately, Toxic AKA Bob Barker had to cut his animation plot in half due to the time limit. Now you can see the strange twist that makes his entry a whole new animation.


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