TOFA 2011: Full Wool Jacket

Sergent Sheepie Each year since 2007 and never stopping, Albino Blacksheep hosts the annual Tournament of Flash Artists, an offshoot of the ABS Forums Flash Developer contests. The 5th Tournament taking place in Summer 2011 was especially notible for the whole contest revoling around an Army theme, from recruitment to World War 3.

With the help of Andrew Kepple and Avid Ray Lebon, announcements and results were presented through an animation series staring Sgt. Sheepie and featuring each and every animation participant as his recruits.

Video Playlist

TOFA 2011: Announcements

TOFA 2011: Round 1 - This is your Hype!

TOFA 2011: Round 2 - Worst Date Ever!

TOFA 2011: Round 3 - Conflict... with Style

TOFA 2011: Round 4 - Breaking the 4th Wall