September 30 2009 Regardless

Essentially, Reily has made another Red Bar Radio animation titled, Essentially.

This video is directed by NitWitt (shutupdangit), but also features within it, animation by SaltyPeach so it is listed in both their directories, and the MP3 in Lemon Demon's.

Thanks to Old Man Pie, this is the only virual record scratcher I know that seems to permanently leave scratches on the virtual records.

September 24 2009 Beepdog

Looks like LazyBoy isn't the only one animating audio clips from Red Bar Radio.

Everyone on ABS Forums seems obsessed with Beepdog lately, but the song is widely used (and I'll post another animation with the same song soon).

Using feedback from Genius Test 1 and Genius Test 2, BlindSniperInc brings an even bigger challenge.

It's no Badenture...

September 18 2009 Tim Jewell 1990-2009

Some very sad news about Tim Jewell. I am frantically updating the page with information and am leaving it open for comments on the bottom of Tim's page.

Animations by Tim Jewell

September 17 2009 Tube TueThursday

I think it's important that I feature videos that have millions of views as well as ones with only a few hundred that deserve just as much attention.

September 12 2009 Banana flop

Well, I couldn't wait longer, so you'll get another update.

When you're a young animator, and your voice is changing, or worse, has not begun to change, then it's best to have someone else voice act for your older characters. Smart move, VanillaShipwrek.

People ask, "does Albino Blacksheep accept video files? I'm gonna make a video blah blah blah...". Sure, I can accept your video. AVI, Mpeg, WMV and so on (well, not RealPlayer), but there are millions of videos. ABS should feature video with an element of animation to it. Not animation converted to video, but video with rotoscoping, stop-motion, or basically where the editing of the video is the character of the video itself. Here are some examples old and new.

September 11 2009 Waiting...

Waiting on a reply from one developer in order to get the next update up. I'll probably do a "State of the Site" soon since I'll be making a lot of changes for the better that I want to discuss and get some feedback on. Well, back to creating little iPhone-style icons for all the featured artists to place under their animations. Just a few examples:

LazyBoy R. Wappin Roboman TooMuchSpareTime rtil ZekeySpaceyLizard

Voted off the island banana picture.

September 4 2009 Sinkhole

Amaaxla is back with his newest game since Awesome Camel Soup, and it's a Wii compatible game as well just in time since Nintendo dropped the cost of the Wii Browser to zero.

After a few back-and-forth emails with Starz Entertainment, we can now again show 30-Second Bunnies Theater (using a third-party player with sometimes-ads due to recent licensing restrictions). These were all created by Jennifer Shiman who submitted Amy's Diary to ABS way way back in 2002. Look at that oldschool template!

Update: I thought it was obvious, but I'll state it again. We don't get paid for these video ads, to make that clear to recent commenters. The ads are the only way we can legally show these clips.

Cheese_016 did a great thing. He read all the feedback on here about his Blockopoly game and reprogrammed it to solve all the issues, and just as quickly there will be even more issues. Flash developers, take note.


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