Tim Jewell

Tim Jewell pictured with Baxter the dog Tim Jewell passed away around noon Friday, September 18, 2009 at the age of 19 after being in comatose since September 12th from hanging himself, and after a rescue attempt to save his life.

Tim Jewell was a graduate of Howell High School in Howell, Michigan and attended Northern Michigan University. He was a member of Albino Blacksheep since April 2006 and best known for his Drawn Dream animated Web series on ABS. He was very talented in music, drawing and Flash animation, and his passing is especially unfortunate considering his youth, energy and potential.

Tim amassed thousands of fans from his unique humour and drawing style, and will truly be missed. He was a good hearted and very generous member of this site and never bragged nor picked on anyone. Family, friends, classmates and fans of Tim are welcome to leave a comment on the bottom of this page.

Tim's friend Robert Kraft broke the news to me the night before before Tim's death.

Hello AB.

My name is Robert Kraft, and i am a close friend of Tim Jewell. I don't know how well you knew him but i know he enjoyed making flash movies, and i know he enjoyed seeing them posted here, more so then the first page on NG or any other website he submitted them to.

Last Saturday night Tim went into a coma, and last night when i visited the hospital i was told that he wasn't going to make it. He is still alive, but i don't know for how much longer.

I just want to ask you to please keep his cartoons up as long as possible. His art was important to him, and since jewelltoons.com is down forever, i want there to be a place where people can still watch his cartoons.

Thanks for reading this, please reply to me when you get it. Thanks for posting all his work. He Enjoyed showing his friends that he was on ABS, a site we've all looked at since we were kids.

Robert Kraft.

I will be adding pictures of Tim Jewell and other related information that visitors would like to email in.