September 30, 2006 Back to Cool

The Back to School, Back to Cool articles are ready. They are all supposed to be written by ABS Members or friends of mine, but I just had to add that one from Charles J. Sykes wrongly attributed to Bill Gates around the net.

September 28/29, 2006 Cold

Some new legal MP3s have been added to the site, along with their respective videos.

September 27, 2006 Squaresville

Finish your multitasking before giving your full attention to the psychedelic world of Squaresville. ZekeySpaceyLizard made certain that even the Albino Blacksheep logo was a square for this one.

Due to popular demand, ZekeySpaceyLizard now has a directory on ABS.

September 26, 2006 Good Times

Congratulations, mr_a (the guy who has a fat man eating a burger as an avatar on ABS Forums). Your submission has been accepted at random.

September 25, 2006 Happy New Year

I feel bad for not updating this past week. I'll try to make it up by posting at least one latest creation by an Albino Blacksheep member on a daily basis without thinking about it for the rest of the month. I'm picking randomly from the latest original submissions.

September 19, 2006 Nerdcore

The original nerdcore artist, "Weird" Al Yankovic, obviously not content enough with our tribute animations such as Nathan's That's Your Horoscope For Today, Robert's Lost Rhapsody and other attempts, has shown up the ABS community with his own video.

September 17, 2006 Mother's Day

MC Frontalot is gonna be your man whether you like it or not (but not in that way).

September 15, 2006 Light on

Shoot bombs with your mouse and catch babies with your keyboard in this game by Midget3, the same programmer from Musical Lantern. This new game has a high score list, so give it your best.

Happy belated birthday, ryoshenron, and the ABS community really appreciates the sequel to Choppy's Restaurant.

Expect another update in the next day or two.

September 11, 2006 New Numa

Let us begin with some flash music videos.

Silentwulf4 from Funny Faces has recorded a parody of Epic 2015 about the death of MySpace. I highly suggest you view Epic 2015 first.

There have been many remakes, wannabes and copycats of Gary Brolsma's Numa Numa video, but they never match up to the original dancer. So now Gary Brolsma is back with New Numa as only he can do.

The new back-to-school articles will have to wait a short bit.

September 7, 2006 Beep beep beep

One of these files is timely posted as a birthday present at the author's request.

[Back to school?  Back to cool!] Going back to school? More like... back to cool! Man, that is cheesy, but the sheepy logo as Marty McFly is worth it. Here is the first back-to-school back-to-cool article.

Thanks to Steve "Khad" Grant for the photo manipulation and DJMEZ for the concept.

September 5, 2006 Light off

People come here every day for their daily multimedia fix, but I'd like to soon experiment a little more with this site, while still posting the latest files by Albino Blacksheep members.

September 4, 2006 Crikey!

See you tomorrow.

Update. This was just emailed to me: Steve Irwin in Memory.

September 3, 2006 Rainy daze

"Somebody" has joined the dark side Albino Blacksheep, letting his flash animations be hosted here. You'll get used to his style in time.

September 1, 2006 GUFFAW I SAY!

Starting after Labour Day, Albino Blacksheep will be featuring some Back-to-School advice articles written by the site members and visitors. Send yours in if you have knowledge to share.


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