December 31 2006 I'll eat your eyes!

It's tradition to post some online clocks like Industrious Clock and People Clock on New Year's Eve here. There should be an update tomorrow featuring animation by ABS veterans.

December 26 2006 Christmanukwanzaa / Boxing Day

December 25 2006 Pro-Holiday Update

I figure the best gift I could give to ABS as a whole is a large update to keep you busy, and to accept a lot of your creations for this update, even ones you thought wouldn't make it.

December 16 2006 The Albino Blacksheep Anti-Holiday Update

Voice-over videos are rarely done right, so this example from 2002 would be an exception.

Our member Jimmy Egeland, who works at Vollmer, has released his company's holiday flash.

Great e-cards to send out if you are one of those e-card sending people.

It's a tradition to play Snowcraft around this time of year. Although, Internet Explorer's update may make it impossible for some.

Some of your creations from past years.

There's probably some people looking for I work at Burger King and Hey Ya Hanukah.

December 12 2006 Wiiiiiiii

It is big news for gamers that the Wii remote (Wiimote) for the Nintendo Wii will be compatible with some flash games. Nintendo will soon release a Web browser onto its latest console allowing users to browse the Web and play online games using the Wiimote. I have put together a list of games on Albino Blacksheep that would work well with the Wiimote and encouraging ABS game developers to create flash games compatible with the Wiimote.

The offensive words and temper spoken by Michael Richards AKA Kramer from TV's Seinfeld has been remixed into a song. As well, an ABS animator who wishes to remain anonymous outside of the forums has made an animutation to go along with the remix. Download kkkramer.

It's almost time for a holidays update on ABS. Very soon, very soon. Send in your holiday entries now if you wish to be included.

December 6 2006 Albemo

R. Wappin is a machine! Three submissions in one month.

Silentwulf, known for his Funny Faces series on ABS is posting and submitting again on ABS Forums.

December 2 2006 ZekeySpaceyLizard returns

Nathan's latest were Squaresville and Offensive Crap.

His newest creations were saved up for one large psychedelic update.

Don't forget to check out the whole ZekeySpaceyLizard archive for more.

December 1 2006 Quick Videos

I'll have some good news for gamers very soon.


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