Remember Smelly Markers?

Nathan takes on animutation. Scare away the new visitors. Scare them away!

I'm working on an e-book. It was meant to be an article, but now it is long enough to have chapters, so it's an e-book, my first. Should be finished next month.

Nobody likes a hoax

CNN Headline news was bored enough the other day to do a special on Recut trailers.

Well, here's the Matrix as a Dr. Seuss book.

Don't worry. I'll post some new flash for you... tomorrow.


Some members don't like it when I post shared videos instead of original flash. For the first video, some people have watermarked the artist's video with their site ad. Don't do that to artists without permission.

As for the second, GoogleTV beta is a program that allows you to watch television shows for free on demand, and the video instructs you how to join the beta program.

Just Poop


Does this rag smell like chloroform?

I guess the following will go in the Video Game Flash section.

Proof of Global Warming


Been away for a while, so feel free to contact me again. ZekeySpaceyLizard has something new for us.

No, that wasn't it. View the one below.

Animutation will never die.

Even if you aren't looking to become an animator, this tutorial can be very educational and entertaining. If you do want to become an animator, especially on this Web site, the following file is a must see.

Here's an entry from this site's last Flash contest. The ABS community will be holding the 16th Flash Developer contest soon in ABS Forums. The genre hasn't been decided yet, but you are free to join the forums and suggest one, and of course, participate in being a contestant and voting.

The Mobile Sponge tells me his computer exploded. Here's a collage of his old animation before he works on new ideas.

The ThiefBaum's World game has been updated so that now it is actually possible to see the last level and even pass the game. High scores are recorded, so try your best.

Coconut, yeah

Parry Gripp and Nathan Mazur, the artists behind Do You Like Waffles?, are back with another submission. The monkey that's just asking for it creeps me out.

PLem, the programmer behind Film School: The Interactive Adventure, has submitted an animation about laundry (and social injustice).

With yet another submission with "Weird Al" music (Hardware Store), I thought it would be best to create a whole directory for this purpose.

Thanks to VicDor, you can now navigate this site in Russian. Translate.

Behold the UPDATE

If there's anything you will get out of this update, it's a large variety of music. These first three files feature music by Lemon Demon. They aren't animated by Andrew Kepple since he's traveling at the moment, but let's give these new animators a chance.

This had mixed reviews in ABS Forums. Either you love it or you hate it.

Animutation never died! Flashbastard is trying to keep it alive complete with Bobbing Bill Cosby just like in Smurfs Lost Episode and Elvis Lives in Flash.

One technique for those new to creating in Flash is to import either images or video into the Flash program, and then to draw and animate on top of that. It saves time since the background layer is all filled in with real footage. Here are some examples - the first being shibby71790's school science project which he's gladly sharing with us.

To understand Ryoshenron's style, look back to his older series such as Defender of the Supermart and Sitcom.

Dueling Badgers is a followup to the previous Badgers parody featured here about a month ago.

I'll eat all of your eyes!

Eleven of Drewmo's new animated voicemail messages. Don't forget to check out the old ones in Penguin Calls 1 and Penguin Calls 2.

A beautiful and psychotic psychedelic music video from Nathan.