WooleyWorld is back with a 4-Chan-bsed animation.

True to his word, the famous Jesse Jones returns. Time to post Forehead Shavecut again.

I don't understand...

One year ago, Edd Gould passed away. A good time as any to remember Edd through his work. His likeness was featured in WooleyWorld's animation today if you were watching closely.


After about a decade of actual work, Jesse Jones, creator of the famous Forehead Shavecut Flash may return animating on the Interweb.

In the spirit of April Fools.

The Ides of March

Koit will never run out of ideas for silly immature songs. Never!

A new series by new member, Zippy Ragu. Let me know what you think. Robots have been proven to make good sidekicks according to Boy and Robot.

I had not posted this on the main page. For those who missed it, the 4th Charlie the Unicorn episode:

Posted on WooleyWorld's directory, but not on the main page.

ABS may be due for another St. Patrick's Day content. Maybe with a twist like animating drunk. Not like that doesn't happen already.


March Further

Carbonwater returns (and promises to keep returning) with a double feature animation. Select the story you want to hear.

Turbo Assassin is back with his first animation of 2013. The warning is in the title.

This is closer to what Stan Lee had in mind when he invented Spider-Man, but it didn't do well with test audiences.

Turbo Assassin and Surn both get their own pages today.