In the Year 2013

Koit made a sequel to Found Some Poo. Never change, Koit. Never change.

So many styles of animation in this one video.

Surn finally converted to using Flash from using SoThink. He will never go back, and now is the best time to prepare an official Flash author page for him.

Everything is getting a little dark.

Everyone's favourite new feature of the site, Popular 10 Years Ago.


Kids these days just won't understand this video.

Uppercutanimation now lives up to his name. Michael got some advice from stick figure Flash in order to animate his fights with his brother.

A few years back I posted 32 Songs in 8 Minutes as a YT embed. Of course, record companies won't allow it there anymore. At some point I made a habit of backing up files I thought would have temporary lives, and I'm so glad I did for that one. If only I could have backed up all of Geocities. There were some great sites there. You children don't even know.

The original YouTube Commenters video was great, but the second is more up-to-date about the comments people currently leave.

Lemon Demon has released even more of their old MP3s as free downloads. So now these great classic ABS animations come with a free MP3. Visit the Music section for more.

I'm looking for volunteers to help translate ABS into their native language. I'm creating a new dictionary to better relect the new categorization, so even the current translations will needs replacement. Just Contact me and I will send you the info. There may be some paying jobs on ABS in the future too that don't require animation skills, but I cannot promise. Would be fun for some people to get paid to watch animations though.