Animators with benefits

Featured authors get special reservations.

If you've seen the Pleasure Island series by Sexual Lobster (Chris Voigt), then you'll remember many of these characters.

Ross is doing something right. I'm excited that he's added colour and voices. Most other animators already produce this, but Ross makes you wait years for it because he's super classy.

Popular 10 years ago:

Before the big one

Last year you got to see Fresh Guacamole from The Artist Known as PES. Since then it has been nominated for an Oscar, and you can check out more PES features below.

I was reading an old post online the other day on how people liked that Albino Blacksheep posted both video and animations. I shouldn't shy away from the random Web video or two.

Back to regularly scheduled Flash animations in the next update.

I'm not your buddy, bro.

I received an anonymous tip that the Bronies Documentary has been leaked. A documentary about the male fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

This is what should be called anti-animation. Taking something that is animated and making it into live action.


Here is Patrick_94's completed version of his TOFA 2012 finalist entry.