June 24 2012 Sharktopus

R. Wappin returns with an exclusive animation for a new Nuclear Bubble Wrap song. R. Wappin also participated in animating the extremely popular NBW parody, Avada Kedavra.

Wooley couldn't wait for TOFA Round 1 before animating something. I have a feeling the time constraints won't bother him.

The Pleasure Island series continues. Chris promised there would be a walrus pit.

TOFA contestants should check the ABS Forums for the Round 1 Theme announced earlier this week. July 13th is the deadline.

June 13 2012 A GIRL and 36 others like this.

It's time for the ultra-personal annual birthday animation by Yotam Perel.

Watch all of Yotam's birthday songs from age 18 to 21.

June 10 2012 Sheepy is dead

The Tournament of Flash Artists, TOFA 2012, returns for its sixth year on Albino Blacksheep. The intro begins where last year's final episode left off.

WooleyWorld promises to return to TOFA this year.

Not all animation is of the cartoon variety. Some can blend with real life, and sometimes you don't need to actually animate anything at all. For inspiration:


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