May 28 2012 The ends of May

Ross Bollinger works on three animated storylines all at once. He will deserve the TOFA challenge coming soon.

May 15 2012 The ides of May

Yotam Perel's Lazy Writing series has reach double trilogy status. Besides the noses, I can't see how any of these episodes are connected.

Benedikt Hummel has submitted his first sequel. Featuring his middle ages character from his TOFA 2010 submission. I'm looking forward to TOFA 2012 this Summer on ABS Forums.

May 12 2012 Lik dis if you cry ever tim

The latest from Ace0fredspades. Check out all his works if you like this psychadelic style.

The dramatic readings of those Facebook chain letters have been animated!

I have never posted this type of animation. It is called datamoshing. It uses i-frames in compressed video to overlap scenes creating a distorted, but smooth transition. This one is dedicated to the '90s.

Should ABS feature more of this series from first time submitter, Tom Kerin?

Stop motion is very common, so I'm a little picky when it comes to quality. Fresh Guacamole is still my favourite of the year, but Delta Heavy's new music video definitely puts in the effort.

Soon to come is more Pencilmation and more Yotam Perel.


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