July 28 2011 TOFA Round 1

These have already been posted to the TOFA site, but now it's time for all Albino Blacksheep visitors to get a chance to rate the videos. Leave comments to tell the animators what you think. Tear them apart like you are all Simon Cowell from American Idol.

The theme was "This is Your Hype" as originally presented in the TOFA Bootcamp video.

July 25 2011 While we wait for midnight

David Firth is most known for the creepyness of Salad Fingers. A few years back he created a video where people bought and sold the time left on their own lives. It's pretty chilling to think you can be closer to death in an instant.

This is a movie preview for a Sci-Fi movie staring Justin Timberlake that will come to theatres this Fall. The concept is similar to the cartoon above. People's time is currency to be bought and sold.

July 23 2011 A Game of Numbers

I'm against these things on sites. Sometimes I like to know the count, but the processing of Javascript required to pull all those numbers really slow down the loading of Websites. Especially on mobile and older computers.

Feel free to add to the count if you use any of these services. Let's see if anyone uses Google yet.

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The deadline is arriving. Please have your TOFA Round 1 entries E-mailed by Monday.

July 20 2011 ABS+

After taking a break from Flash, Rahul Anand is back with a sequel game for Albino Blacksheep. Better than the first. A calm, but challenging game. I like the clues.

Noah works fast with another pilot episode. Consists of bashing a handfull of celebrities.

This is one of those sequels where the first episode is a standalone quick gag, and the sequel then creates the backstory. The story of Great Destiny Man.

I messed up the previous update. Frank's Masterpiece is not part of the numbered Pencilmation episodes. The small penis comments apply to Frank's Masterpiece.

Back in 2009 Pedro submitted his greatly executed prank call. He's grown up much since then. Not mentally, of course.

July 10 2011 Go! Bwaaaaah!

After Fish Sticks, I have been waiting for Rappy McRapperson to submit his third animated music video so that he can get a Rappy McRapperson featured profile. Torrentz features MC Milk Plus, MC Wreckshin, and Rappy McRapperson.

17 Pencilmation episodes and before I knew it, one more.

I'm waiting for the story that Wool-E ha nothing to do with Wall-E just like Amigo was all a big coincidence somehow.

Mr.Fizzy created an episode that supposedly takes place between the two Sheshil Sheepy cartoons, so I'll order them here the same way.

July 1 2011 Happy Canada Day!

The theme for TOFA's Round 1 has been announced.

I'm actually doing the Canada Day thing, but Americans can enjoy their freedom this long weekend with Unprecedented.

First Pencilmated Hank gets coloured in for Pencilmation #16 and now he speaks. What's next? 3D?

Albino Blacksheep started in Canada and has showcased work from many Canadian animators including Shawn J. Vulliez (AltF4), Jeffrey Davis (Boinky33), Mark Hughes (Toxic), Justin Boisvert (Thundaboom), Michael Jessen, Jonathan Carewick (Jonneh), RandomFerret, JC Little, and soon to be Canadian, Andrew Kepple. I'm always on the lookout to meet more Canadian artists, especially in person.


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